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Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Many Ashtons Are There? Ask Brittney

What kind of name is Ashton? It ain't Billy, Buddy or Mack. Imagine Sheryl Crow singing about "Ashton". Face it, Ashton is the sort of name you don't sing about. Ashton smashton.

A baby name search reveals that the name "Ashton" is uncommon. No kidding. Famous Ashtons include Sir Frederick Ashton, Ashton Hawkins and Ashton Kutcher. The first example uses Ashton as a surname, the second Ashton is a choreographer and the third Ashton is the ONE. For all intents and purposes, Kutcher could drop his last name and everybody would know who he is. Sure, there are lots Chers and Madonnas and Sades, but the public knows Cher and Madonna and Sade.

Ashton, the Demi man, has his britches in a knot. The hottie, Brittney Jones,

is BACK. She is the young woman, who claims to have had couch sex with the Iowan a few months back. They had met at a bowling alley. Demi was out of town and according to Jones, Ashton was something. Brittney told The Star, "He's a great lover,...Very considerate and sweet. And it was very special to me. I felt totally comfortable in his arms. It was tender and nice--not some random sex act." She alleges Demi-Ashton have an open arrangement. To their credit, the famoso couple have avoided the whole dust up, until now.

Vivid Entertainment

is in possession of a steamy and explicit sex tape of Brittney with a former boner. This is NOT a tape of Mr. Kutcher and Ms. Jones inflagranti delicto. The tape is set for release on December 14th. The problem for Mr. Kutcher is centered on the fact that the name "ASHTON" appears on the cover of the DVD.

In its release of the DVD, Vivid Entertainment boasts, "Vivid has obtained never-before-released footage that shows Brittney engaged in very explicit, uninhibited sex with a former boyfriend. Ashton's fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star himself may have experienced, in this exclusive video. We've acquired the tape and confirmed its authenticity. Brittney is obviously a beautiful young girl who could clearly seduce any man..."

Despite Mr. Kutcher's threat of legal action, Vivid plans to proceed with release and distribution. The argument that the commercial success of this DVD would be substantially enhanced by an association with the star of Punk'd seems irrefutable. In addition, the association of Ashton Kutcher with this prurient product will undoubtedly be detrimental to his reputation. Hence, Mr. Kutcher's legal action appears warranted.

Whether Jones and Kutcher were couch lovers is unknown. She says yes and he says no. The fact of whether they were lovers is germane. Arguing that they were, makes the "Ashton" on the promotional materials of the DVD relevant and not libelous. On the other hand, if the tryst never happened, Vivid and Jones would be besmirching the reputation of the star. The truth is a complete defense to libel and slander. So what is the truth?

Ashton Kutcher probably should have ignored this completely. One thing is for sure, the free exposure Kutcher engendered for the DVD is huge. If he had desisted from the legal ploy, the DVD would have been released and fizzled. What's another sex tape worth? Most people can make their own. Now the whole silly issue has been reintroduced to a shallow, interested public.

Earlier, this blog advised Ms. Jones to go to Playboy. Since she had fifteen minutes, a Playboy spread would have immortalized her and would have earned her a few bucks. Moreover, a strip club career would have been insured. Vivid Entertainment is serving the same purpose as Playboy. Better yet, she can still pose and strip and even do more films. Hey, ever hear of Sasha Gray?

Too bad Ashton is such a rare name. If Kutcher were named Billy or Buddy or Mack, the inclusion of his name on Brittney Jones' sex DVD cover would be meaningless. Just how many Billys, Buddies and Macks are there? But there is only ONE Ashton. What was his mother thinking? Oh, his full name is Christopher Ashton Kutcher!

So it goes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brittney Jones Call Playboy

Although the story has seemingly died, it hasn't. Brittney Jones, the self admitted lover of Ashton Kutcher, has released or somehow allowed TMZ,, access to hot pics of her posing in a mirror. Indeed she has the bikini, cell phone camera and body to challenge Demi Moore. Moore, Kutcher's wife, released similar photos of herself a few weeks ago.

Moore and Kutcher have taken a trip to Israel. Consequently, neither is here in the States to torment. No matter, even if they were here, it is unlikely either or both would handle this latest bit of vibration in a messy way. Thus far, despite the prowess of The Star and the efforts of Ms. Jones, little if any mud had gotten stuck in the wheels of the Moore-Kutcher express.

Give credit to Brittney Jones, she is successfully prolonging her fifteen minutes of fame. Now, if only, she could put together a song or an acting gig, she might get a window to prolong her notoriety. If all she has is the allegation of a Kutcher tryst, sadly, it's running out of punch.

Unless Brittney can come up with more and better stuff, she soon will join others, like Eliot Spitzer's call girl (whose name is lost to time) in the scrap heap of splashy hottie has-beens.* Here's something! Rumor has it JWoww

of Jersey Shore fame, has just turned down $400,000 to raw it for Playboy. Ms. Woww's refusal prompts this letter.

Dear Brittney Jones:

Unless Aston runs off with you or your having his baby or Demi adopts you, call Playboy. They have $400,000 to burn. You have present hour fame and one hot body. Time is your enemy, so call now, while the public remembers your name. Work a deal. If Playboy memorializes you, pictorial fame will be yours. And then the sky's the limit.

Hey if it works out for you, 10% would be a nice boost for a blogger with a good idea.

PS: If you do the Playboy spread, beware the Conger curse. Darva had her fifteen minutes and parlayed it into Playboy fame.

She was mamilla hot, but she has gotten pleasantly Rubenesque.

Beware the Conger curse.

E cosi va

*Ashley Alexandra Dupre, had to search it, memories are short.

Update (almost a year later)

September 29, 2011

The Kutcher-Moore marriage has hit the rocks.  Brittney has re-emerged! Needless to say, gotta make hay while the sun shines... CALL PLAYBOY NOW. Start at a $ one million...

October 2, 2011

Sara Leal, Asston's purported newbie needs to call Playboy, too. Check this,

NOVEMBER 18, 2011


Yesterday was a great day for Brittney Jones (see below). Demi Moore's divorce statement has now proven that her assertions were TRUE. Indeed, the plausibility of her Ashton liaison are supported.

Now with this great bit of fate twist...CALL PLAYBOY. Cash in, you will NEVER be hotter than right now.

November 17, 2011

Well, it is official. Demi Moore has filed for divorce from Ashton. Not specifically stating it, but inferring so, it was the CHEATING.

"with great sadness and a heavy heart" said she

"I have chosen to move forward with my life." she added

And Ashton tweeted, "I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail" --

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brittney Jones Prattles On

Brittney Jones continues to prattle on. In what seems like an open dialogue with The Star, the 21 year old has added onto her allegations of a couch affair with the erstwhile Iowan. Initially the story played out as simple Ashton-Brittney tryst while Demi was away. The old "while the cat is away the mice will play" gambit. No imputation to cougars intended, after all.

Interestingly M/M Kutcher have handled the dust up quite well. Cuddling, dating and bed scenes

spouted forth in a series of paced releases helping make the Jones' jumba-jumba seem silly. Moreover, the May-December pair did not speak loudly to Jones or to The Star, in essence not legitimating any of their chatter. Truly a nice job of damage control.

Now Britt, the loose lipped one, continues with the exclusive interview. In it, she posits that the Kutcher-Moore liaison is seasoned with three

action. Jones says that it is customary for the celebrities' open marriage to add on an extra woman as need arises. The rules do not generally allow Ashton to cavort willy-nilly, but only with Demi in attendance and presumably in play. Also, the Striptease star, it is alleged, likes to pick out the girls. No mention of whether the former Willis squeeze had a role in Brittney's service role.

In keeping with moral wholeness, Ms. Jones said she believed that she was not involved with "cheating". Since Kutcher's marriage is open, there can be no devil play, according to the young, purported paramour. That's a refreshing twist. It makes the whole alleged shake-a-bake Betty Crocker good. No devil in Miss Jones, lol.

What is going on here? It looks as if The Star and Ms. Jones are going to keep going on with this until... As with everything, the truth will prevail. In matters little what Kutcher-Moore do or don't do within the confines of their relationship. It's personal business. Unfortunately for them, Brittney Jones has become a household name, a Google trend in her own right. She has managed to pull herself to modern, most likely short lived, fame.

An image search brings up some snaps of the plucky Jones. Some are even sans clothes. Jones looks like she is in a good position to be offered a porn role. Like octomom, (who needs cash)

hmm, with octomom? Throw in a Kutchie look alike (presumably talented enough to impress) and who knows what could happen. The upcoming triple X production will likely have a play on the work "Punk'd" in its title.

Can a lawsuit be far off?

Libel, slander, false allegations, infliction of emotional distress and similar protestations are begging to be lobbed into The Star-Jones camp. The ultimate defense to any sort of lawsuit is the truth. So, if Britt is not telling tales out of school, she may be a guilty yapper but not a guilty tortfeasor. At this point, the reticence of the Kutcher-Moore camp to go legal makes it appear that Brittney Jones is professing the truth. Sure is fun filler among football games, baseball playoffs, Dancing with the Stars episodes, bottles of beer and bags of chips. Yeah, baby. Who cares about the unemployment rate, anyway?