Monday, March 5, 2012

YouTube To Rescue Gibbs' Obesity

Viral video cure!! Robert Gibbs, an uber fat man, went YouTube to get attention. Weighing nearly 700 pounds, he has eaten himself into chair existence. Twenty three years of age, he can barely stand. Diabetic, he eats fast food and watches TV. Now, he wants help. So what better way to reach out and touch someone than YouTube?

Indeed he has enjoyed 874,931 hits. A million is in the offing. If a person just arrived here, he might call Robert a modern day hero. A prisoner in his own body, Robert had a stroke of genius. Creating his YouTube video has gotten him the help he needed.

Weight loss guru Chris Powell has made contact with the larger than life Gibbs through an agent and things are looking good. Perhaps Powell can turn Gibbs' life around. It would appear that the notoriety generated by the YouTube ploy will bear pie-less fruit for Robert.

Kudos to the enterprising Mr. Gibbs. Baring one's soul on YouTube is the modern way to plead for help. And a quite effective one at that. Hmmm...

As always, in situations like this one, some people ask the simple question, "Why doesn't Mr Gibbs simply reduce his eating?" Ha, those questioners don't understand that eating to morbid obesity is a disease, not a life choice. Like any other addiction, food can in the right biome be irresistible to the point of personal destruction.

Nonetheless, while watching Mr. Gibbs' video one wonders if Subway might have turned him into a two hundred pound hunk...?

Ciao, Chow

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