Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Red Rebekah

While most improbable, the rise of Rebekah Brooks was astounding. Her success is attributable in no small measure to her persistence and her survival perspicacity. Her ascendance to the post of Chief Executive Officer of News International (the parent company of Rupert Murdoch's empire, included news papers, The Sun and News of the World) was nothing short of miraculous. While her formal education is bereft of glitter and muscle, no matter. So what was her secret?

There is no escaping her hair. Ok, there it's out there. In virtually every image of her, the frame is filled with her hair. Red, so red, natural appearing with a bouncy curl. Not kinky, but kinky. To say that her mane is anything short of nuclear would be doing it a disservice. Here look...

Red hair is a well known energy center. The tempestuous nature of a woman so gifted is beyond question. A reasonable person would have to give some credence to the theory of the red... But her strong personality and her way of getting whatever she wants out of people cannot be given short shrift.

Now, sadly the fallen CEO has been arrested again (suspicion of conspiracy o pervert the course of justice.) Yesterday! She surely isn't looking at the stars thinking they shine for her nowadays. Ah, but didn't she trip the light fantastic when she had it all going her way? Trite true -> the higher, the harder, the fall.

Rebekah is complicit, so say the authorities, in the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Employees of the company allegedly hacked phones, bribed police and carried out other nefarious activities in their pursuit of the news. The back breaking straw was the revelation that the company had wormed into the phone of Milly Dowler. The 13 year old schoolgirl had been abducted on the way home from school and subsequently murdered.

"...police detectives discovered journalists had deleted some messages – potential evidence – in Dowler's voicemail box because it was full, thus freeing up space for new messages, which they could listen to. The deletions misled family and friends into thinking that Dowler was still alive. It subsequently emerged that the messages were in fact deleted automatically by Dowler's phone, although her phone had still been accessed by journalists."

Brits, who have a passion for news-bloid, were offended. Oh boy, when the gossipy get righteous look out. The public outcry was huge. Even David Cameron, a friend of Brooks and Murdoch, opined the outcry. Investigations concluded that News International vis a vis News of the World had violated the law. The pressure mounted and by the summer of 2011 Brooks resigned. Rupert, who was and remains a friend, kept her on the payroll. He gave her a year to go and see the world on him. Nice boss... n-i-c-e...

It is rumored that Brooks and her husband, Charlie, are surrogate pregnant. Doubtless, the power couple have a full plate. As for Rupert Murdoch, he is still standing, but his empire is under attack with Brooks gone and son James having stepped down as Executive Director of News International. And as for News of the World, the presses have stopped. Shut down! Oh, the Dowlers were offered two million pounds in their personal injury suit with News of the World. Chump change!

regole rossi
(red rules)

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