Saturday, March 31, 2012

Part of Katy Perry is a Marine

Dear Miss Katy Perry:

Oh Katy, what is the deal with this? Having just watched your Part of Me video, a definite incongruency overtook me. While the singing and music were terrific (as usual), the images of you joining the Marines and then taking on a basic training program, shucks. Tanks and gunfire somehow do not suit you.

Well, after a few more watches, it became clear that you have made one heck of a recruiting video for the Marines. Hmmm... Certainly the American military machine needs good people like you. Your efforts in helping out are laudable as well as patriotic.

Perhaps there is a mis-read afoot. All of what was considered your sweetness and Candy Land persona are not the real KP? Or did you change after Mr. Brand and you decided that your marriage was a bust. I am not clear as to who was the doer or the doee in the divorce, but break-ups can harden a person.

Come to think of it, the Part of Me lyrical script involves your protagonist character getting two timed by her boyfriend. She then goes on to bind her breasts and lop her hair and then enlisting. Do Marine women have to bind their breasts like that? It is difficult to separate your character from YOU.

Hey, how about that Naomi Wolf. She is calling for a boycott of Part of Me. The author claims it is Marine Corps propaganda. Boycotts and propaganda are words that remind me of Chilean fruit and Russians. I am not sure what Chilean and Russian have in common but nor am I sure what you doing with the Marines either.

Just in case you were thinking you are losing a fan - no way. I am not even going to boycott (do you need ships at sea for that?) Part of Me. The song is a good one. My regret is that I watched the video because it's is hard for me to forget the sight of you at war when I listen to the music on my iPod.

Your fan,

Paul Proteus

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