Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nothing But Heartaches 4 ObamaCare

So the Supremes are going to take on ObamaCare tomorrow. Nice, the 9 top jurists are a 5 R-appointed, 4 D-appointed club. Inasmuch as Obama's Care was passed as a pure D play, whaddya think is going to happens as the ersatz Motowners pass judgement as to the constitutionality of Barack's boondoggle? A joke, right?

There is good reason not to have health care for all citizens. Simply, all then would have access to heart transplants at age 71. Dick'em Heartache Cheney got one yesterday, lub-dub. Imagine if every heart failing Tom, Kayeeeeesha and Mohamid could get one too. There might not have been one available for Dick. Moreover, if everybody had health care willy-nilly, the heart that Dick got might have been still in its rightful owner (assuming there was some health care abrogations therein.)

In the USA, health care is elitist. For example, Congress people who get shot in the head get the best of the best. Kids popped in the noggin in Philly or Camden are likely donors, inasmuch as they have much less health care available to them. The old saws of the almshouses and get your care in the ER are nonsense. Almshouses and Charles Dickins... While it is espoused by those who have it that American health care is the best in the world, for the multiple tens of millions not insured or underinsured Yanks, that espousal is laughable. Ha-ha!

The Court will tackle the key issue as to whether Americans can be forced to purchase health care insurance. Such a mandate by the cross-white-Kenyan named Hussein is a crux of his O-plan. A lot is made of digging up enough money to insure that the insurers make a profit, thus the coercion to procure a plan. The R mantra includes the bristle that folks cannot be compelled to insure themselves. That makes sense, after all, such a mandate must violate any number of freedoms in the Constitution (except perhaps for the right to not bare arms for inoculations.)

While the nonet is ruminating Obama's gaseous waste, a more global, cramp-like movement should start to eliminate both Medicare and Medicaid. Those two mid-60's meddlements are the root of today's ills. Indeed, it was their passage that started Americans off on the free ride of health benefits. Lyndon Johnson be damned! Imagine people now living into their 80's and 90's, all the while sucking up benefits. Worse yet, as the goldens get older and older, they require MORE of everything medical! Indeed and imagine!!! Oh, but those grays do vote... oh-oh.

The current four Republican steed of this year's run for the presidency all swear to eliminate ObamaCare. They each say ObamaCare, in turn, as if they are French twisting the word, b-a-s-t-a-r-d. Mitt, Rick, Newt and Doc-Flame are Viagra firm in their respective determinations to end the not born here President's attempt to expand health advantage. Perhaps the highest federal jurists will save them all of them from effulging, that is, if the robed ones rule unconstitutionality.

Well it's another warm day. Good thing for those on the lists. Motorcyclists have taken to the road early this year, guaranteeing a good harvest. As long as a person has the insurance coverage or the kincaid, needed transplants - here in America - will be awaiting. Give a shout out to those infirm in the socialist countries like Canada and France, where medical care is not so good. We got organs and lots of high priced medical infrastructure, if you have the loonies or the euros. Lub-dub, lub-dub.... We got other stuff too.

Nothing But Heartaches

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