Thursday, March 1, 2012

Katy Perry is Hot, Brand Bazinga

Mint green is such an underused color. White underwear (or is that mint too?) covered by a sheer minty skirt is much like a moss covered slippery slope. See it, touch it, wheeeeee... Russell Brand must be a fool or  Katy must have stink. Ya' know stink-stank, because from all outwards appearances a guy could do no better than her. No way and no how.

Here are some images of the worldwide famous pop singer in mint. Looking at her is like espying cotton candy. So sweet, soft and yummy, both are. Yes, Katy is in Paris for Fashion Week. She was paparazzied as she left her hotel in the verdant based get-up. Curious, though, is her bag selection. Coral? Is that a Birkin?

Besides her bag, the contrasting blue hair is, uh, blue. Blue hair... looks like old lady hair. Surely she must like it but look at the pictures below and most people would opt for anything but blue. Nonetheless, she maintains an FQ of 10 (of 10.)

Katy Perry is hot, no superlatives needed. Russel Brand is bazinga, with emphasis.



  1. Thought I'd give you bit of a big one if yah know what I mean bear ;P
    bet you got excited seeing a comment only to be disappointed halfway through reading realizing it was me. Does this sound familiar?

  2. oh, well it's nice see ur reading

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