Friday, March 23, 2012

Etch A Mitt

where is that emergency exit??

The boring buzz of life can weigh a person down. Why else do people need to drink or to drug so often? Be it the job, the kids or the sexless day-to-day of adulthood, drone is the word. So when a kernel of truth, a defining moment - if you will, arises - yippee!

Wednesday, March 22, 2012 will be known as Mitt Romney's pants down day. (Hey, how does that package look?) It was during a CNN interview that Eric Fehrnstrom, in referring to the Mitt-meister's future presidential run, said...

“Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all over again.”

Fehrnstrom is one of Romney's most trusted and loyal political aides. Always careful to stay precise and message clear, the gaffe was shocking.

Well, there now. Eric laid it out well. He defined Mr. Romney's Achille's heel with precision. Indeed, Willard is the changeable man. As the preliminary rounds for the Republican presidential nomination have slugged along, Mr. Romney has vacillated, issue after issue. To be more precise, he manages to be whatever he thinks the crowd wants. Shake him up and a new picture emerges, er, like the kid's toy, the Etch A Sketch.

The reality for Romney is that he is NOT a conservative. NOT! So for the right sided minions of the new Republican party there is no salvation in the photogenic Romney. In fact, the right polar Rick Santorum, has made hay of the Etch A Sketch as he continues to battle Romney for the Presidential nod.

In a most sacrilegious blather-mode Rick asserts that the USA would be better off with Barack Obama for another four years than Mitt! Now that's some kind of disloyal yip-yap. Inasmuch as Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul are all GOPers, grace would dictate that the losers ultimately tow the party line for the eventual winner. What is Santorum doing? What kind of man is HE?

Without doubt. Mitt Romney is going to run against Mr. Obama this Fall. For the erstwhile Democrat, the current situation couldn't be more lucky. The carping, disorganized Republicans are successfully eviscerating one another, all to the incubent's advantage. Now, with the good fortune of the Etch A Sketch moment of candor, things couldn't be more rosy for the blues.

Betcha Fehrnstrom would like to get back to the CNN moment, when he shot off like a Roman candle. Betcha he would hit the RESET button. Betcha he would shake it up till he got a new twist to proffer. Betcha...


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