Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Day in the Life of Courtney

Courtney Roskop

Formerly known as Kacey Jordan. contact me at
in a city. in a hotel room.

Courtney Roskop became a focus of mainstream attention after she visited Charlie Sheen (1/28/2011). Known in her porn career as Kacey Jordan, she visited the bad boy actor for an evening of fun and sex. Paid $30,000 for her efforts, she did a helluva job. Sheen was taken out of his house the day after seeing her, collapsed and spent. For him, it was the end of his days as the star of Two and a Half Men inasmuch as his drug dependency finally hit the fan.

She works city to city, hotel to hotel as an escort. Ms. Roskop shares her activities with her Twitter tweets. Her style and seeming naivete make following her fun. Often she adds images and videos. These entries make her storytelling all the more delightful.

For a vignette, take a look at a brief foray into her world. Waiting for her client in New York City, she shares some of her emotions with her followers. Perhaps starting with the video might be the best way to begin if you are unfamiliar with her. Have fun...

March 19

that awesome moment when u make so much money you don't even bother counting it anymore...

March 20

I checked in at Walgreens (350 5th Ave) 

Im craving birthday cake Oreos and I can't find them!!!

i settled for a pepperdige farm variety pack of cookies. gotta fight those alcohol withdrawals. have someone special visiting me in 6 hours

ok time to pack and organize all my stuff since i'm upgrading to the loft for 5 days :) 3 hour countdown until... him <3

My source of birth control lol. My fertility tracker is on point! anal this week!

ok i'm sleepy. must stay awake. i'm so taking a nap after I get fucked. he can fuck me to sleep. key words. Fuck and Sleep. 0_-

March 21

And he's 4 hours late and I'm ready

he likes me natural looking... pouty face :(

love always, ur fav oregon hippie <3

yea his plane had to land at a diff airport because the fog was to heavy :/

So I'm gonna torture him with Kpuff spreads... He wears airplane pajamas evil laugh

p.s. i used my feet to take that last photo on my iphone lol

ahahahahhaahaha he's like please stop. i need to go to the bathroom and i can't... eeeeeee :D


i was staring at the kpuff picture i just posted and now i'm craving a steak...has this happened to you?

Looks in magic mirror... Yes indeed the flattest of all 

VIDEOOOOOOOOooooooo ramble!

hahaha OH GAWD. i always leave my windows open and just made full eye contact from some guy in the office across the street.

how long of flight is to from albany ny to jfk?

to be honest i'm going to still smell like booze. that rule, if you can smell your own breath, then others sense X10 ehhhh e_e

i swear PBR is worse than onions.

I checked in at Ace Hotel (20 W 29th St)

And so it continues... 



  1. Id love to slam my dick into this whore

  2. I had four hours of dear Kacey in LA a year ago. $4000.00 She is a delight and a goddess :) Told her I would marry her if she ever retired... She said she would remember my offer - alas I am still waiting!