Sunday, March 18, 2012

Apple Store Fraud

Victimized and feeling bereft, Apple Store users users are feeling the pinch of fraud. Indeed, the incidence of poaching Apple accounts is on the rise. As a result of all of the intricacies of the Apple offerings and the cleverness of the hackers, the supply of credit card accounts ready for violation is limitless.

With the tablet explosion underway, every Tom, Dick and Jane has, is getting or wants an iPad. As it turns out, the vulnerability lies in the purchases of the Apps and the Tunes. Parent Apple has been able to do little about the razz-ma-tazz. Better at marketing their feel-good and glossy products than policing their store, Apple continues to ring up record profits. Indeed, the motivation for Apple to rectify the disgraceful situation is less than what it should be.

For the Toms, Dicks and Janes, there is little to do. C'mon, these folks need their Phones, Macs and Pads. Relatively, the abuses will miss most of them in any event. Naturally, this argument once applied to leprosy and polio and AIDS, inasmuch as only a small minority of people ever got those afflictions. Yes, a flawed rationale, but in a way so American, so capitalistic...

Besides "being careful", what can be done?  Besides not joining the tableteers, how can damages be limited?..... Not much! Well one measure would be to dedicate a single low limit credit card to the Apple store. In addition, set up a notification alert giving the holder a message of confirmation every time her card is used. Lastly, never use one's Apple identification and password for any other application, ditto for the credit card.

Well, gotta go pick up my new iPad. Got a 32G, black on black in black.


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