Friday, March 30, 2012

50? Shave That Bush

Neuroticism runs amok when it comes to aging... Indeed it does, but anybody wasting time fretting over years spilled is losing out on the opportunity to use the present for enjoyment. Sure as shooting, everyone ages and consequently loses the glory of youth. So what?

Melani Robinson has Huff-prattled her angst about shaving her bush. She has been a long time Brazilian waxer and as best as can be determined, she has enjoyed being bare. Good for her! Now that she has pierced 50, she has self doubts about the fitness of her pussy for full review. Thinking that the regrowth of her pubic hair will hide her wrinkles, she decides to self examine to decide whether she is still pretty. After 60 minutes of mirrored introspection she claims victory. Still pretty...

Not enough! She continues to agonize - wanting to know if its appropriate to continue to try to look young? She likens old shaved women to the ladies who wear too tight jeans or fashions not becoming their station in life... Ha!

Aw c'mon Melani... there are no rules. The constraints of aging and style are simply self imposed. Should a 50 year old text? or tweet? or Facebook? or tattoo? or sext? or whatever...? The answer is always the same. In short, whatever floats your boat.

Ms. Robinson failed to provide any photos of herself. Surely that would have been a piece of juicy information... So in that vein, find below a few mature ladies with shaved pubes. Sweet stuff a pussy is. And a well groomed pussy is beyond all imagination.

Melani, keep up the trim if you should so desire. And if you want to shoot out an image.... he-he.


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