Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exhilarating and Sad Merritt Parkway Bridges

Out on the Merritt Parkway today, there was beauty still in the decrepitude of America's infrastructure. While the Yanks don't admit it, things in the USA are not as hotsy-totsy as sold. While an occasional bridge collapse points out the country's ineptitude, those flash points represent the mere tip of the iceberg of gradual erosion. Too bad, but as long as there is a Super Bowl, hey, it's alright.

The Merritt spans 37 miles from the New York state border to Stratford CT. Completed in the 1930's it remains a national beauty road by virtue of its bridges. Each bridge was designed to be unique by George Dunkelberger (who must have been a genius with a name to forget.) They remain the sweet spot of this roadway.

A couple of the originals have been torn down, some reconstructed and nearly all of them need care. When you pay 4 nutmegs (he-he) for a gallon of reg-un on this road, a traveler has to wonder if CT uses New Jersey financing principles? Fungus, discoloration, vines, chipping, erosion and rust are now found on the spans. Such blasphemy would make Dunkleberger twist in his coffee (assuming he was a donut.)

So herein find images of a few of these wonders. Exhilarating and sad are strange bedfellows, but somehow they mate up on the Merritt. After looking these snaps over, a regular Joe could only hope that the Connecticutters get on their blight problem. Besides, some of these overpass facades are losing solid pieces. Windshield risk!


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