Monday, February 6, 2012

New Jersey Giants Win!!!

Super Bowl Indianapolis hit it out of the park. Oops, wrong metaphor. Er, kicked it through the the uprights. Great...
  • game
  • sportsmanship
  • Madonna and company halftime show
  • drama
  • ads
  • blah-blah
America was on stage and performed well, she did. Ignore Hyundai and Toyota... they're really American companies. Besides Coca Cola sponsors the World Cup... And, of course congratulations to the Giants.

The New York Giants. Indeed the NYG! Despite the fact that the team plays in New Jersey, practices in New Jersey and for the most part resides in New Jersey, this squad remains New York. For those 8 million of so NJ residents, don't get your whities in a bunch. Panache, marketing and coolness do and must rule the day. New York-New Jersey-New York-New Jersey-New York-New Jersey-New York-New Jersey-New York-New Jersey-New York-New Jersey- where do you want to be from....?

So please stop with the New Jersey stuff. Unless of course the Super Bowl parade is held in Newark or some other nondescript New Jersey city. Oh, when and where will the festivities begin? See ya' there!!


The victory parade is scheduled 11 AM, 2/7/2012 in Manhattan!
Final score NYG 21- New England Patriots 17... 
Some say the Pats are the object of the Tiquan Underwood curse. The organization's rude release of TU the night before the Super Bowl did to them what Babe Ruth did to the Red Sox...

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