Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Miracle Dress(es)

Kate Winslet

Phew, the Miracle Dress is here to stay. Having made a remarkable up-rush, women are wearing the Stella McCartney creation in droves. Even at the same time at the same event!* And perhaps, most remarkably, the dress looks fresh and unsullied even when worn simultaneously. It's THAT good//

The essence of the illusory effects of the dress are its curvy side panels. The emphasis stripes are defined by a contrasting colored or a sheer material (for a nude look.) Consequently, the wearer hourglasses to the uber point of sensuality. Astounding is the fact that the Miracle Dress makes women of all body habituses, well, look hot! This is, in part, due to the fact that the dress is made of stretchy material, which girdles to perfection.

Nieves Alvarez

Kate Winslet began the fad when the accomplished actress wore the garment to the Mildred Pierce premier. She again wore it (in red and black this time) at the Carnage opening. As with anything in fashion, the most sincere compliment is copying. And Victoria Beckham, Philip Lim, DKNY and Forever 21 are hot on the trail with their respective versions of this concept design.

The Miracle can be a bit pesky. Kelly Ripa's presentation caused viewers to call into her show in horror. The darts of the dress gave the image on TV that the thinster's nipples were poking out. Where was Regis? Nipples, egads!

The Stella McCartney illusion dress retails for $3900, simoleons that is! Yikes// But cheaper knock offs are already a-market. This copy from ASOS sells for $80.87... At this price, well, even the have-nots can get in on their own illusive hour glasses.


In truth, it is probably already too late for the Miracle Dress. By the time it catches the attention of the fashion illiterati, the glow is gone. Nah! The less advantaged will be wearing the cheapo Miracle Dresses for some time to come, much like they drive ten year old cars. And they will, indeed, be looking hot!


*Kate Moss and Yasmin Le Bon both wore the Miracle Dress to Stella McCartney 2012. But they wore different iterations. Kate, for her part, wore a mini-skirted black and sheer side paneled number. In distinction, Yasmin was adorned in a long hemmed version in navy and sheer. It goes without saying that both of these lovelies didn't disappoint. The Miracle Dress, though, was the champion.

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