Saturday, February 11, 2012

Linsanity - Jeremy Lin

Special and exciting has been the explosion of point guard Jeremy Lin's entry into the glitz of the National Basketball Association. A most improbable candidate for the role of a basketball super star, the 6'3" Californian has everyone, who follows basketball, abuzz. After last night's 38 point performance, Lin will be forever remembered. Especially in New York City, especially in Madison Square Garden - indeed. It is not often that the Knicks beat the Los Angeles Lakers...

In out dueling the Lakers and Kobe Bryant (who scored a mere 32), the Lin led Knickerbockers have ignited their fan base. A fan base, which was headed for the doors in a shortened, relatively hopeless season. Credit -> Lin. What with all of the team's injuries and its lackluster performances, the Gotham City crowd was already looking ahead to 2012-13. But then along came Mr. Lin.

As a result of the Knicks' injuries, the bench warming Jeremy got the call. Somehow when the time is right, unbelievable and unaccounted for things happen. And so it came to pass that Jeremy Lin's heady game (he did graduate from Harvard), has jelled with the style of the Knicks. No one could have predicted that, right?

While Jeremy was a great player in the Ivy League, well, face it, the Ivy League? (Princeton's Bill Bradley is a dim memory for many Knicks fans.) Lin had a few turns with other NBA teams (Golden State and Houston), but he was unable to impress to keep on their rosters. The Knicks picked him up in December as a result of sheer numbers necessity. What a reward!

Lin's parents were born in Taiwan. Both are 5'6". Genetics can be wacky. In a bit of red face, Lin can speak passable Mandarin (not Cantonese), but he cannot read or write the language. This is a pimple of embarrassment, but he has been working on his language skills. Considering that basketball is big stuff in China, Jeremy Lin's market impact is incredible. Of course, he is an instant hero to all Chinese and other Asian Americans. Rightly so.

Whether Lin will prove to be a flash in the pan or the real deal remains to be seen. Without question, everyone is hoping that Linsanity will take over. In a time when the USA is bereft of heroes, Mr. Jeremy Lin could be veritable Geritol. Moreover, he adds racial diversity to the sport.

Let's see... New York will be in Philly on March 21... Gotta go, wanna cop a ducat. Do the Sixers still play in the Spectrum? It's been awhile. L-i-n-s-a-n-i-t-y has set in!!!


The Philadelphia 76ers current home is the Wells Fargo Center. The Spectrum was demolished in November 2010. It had been the Sixers aerie from 1967 to 1996.

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