Friday, February 3, 2012

Susan G. Komen for the Fumble and RECOVERY!!

Irrefutable. Certain things are undeniable and as certain as a Florida hurricane. Do whatever - things will happen. Like car crashes and vehicular related deaths, which, like hurricanes, are equally irrefutable and undeniable. Sad, sad indeed. But there are remedies and solutions... For hurricanes, the hatches need to be battened down and the people need to evacuate to safety. For automobile losses, the solution is obvious, but darn persistent people. Even in the face of death, millions drive every day and risk -> Death by Auto.

Sure the odds are slim, but... Just one daddy-o missing at five is a story of complete and utter gut wrench. And so the movement to halt driving automobiles is not fanciful or far fetched. About 32,000 people (some daddy-oes) realized Death by Auto in 2010. This is an improvement. In the 1990's, the annual harvest was in the 40 thousands per annum.

Without going into the American debt load of $15 trillion and growing, the deletion of the automobile would have a salubrious effect on the economy. The resolution of foreign oil dependence would make the country stronger in every way. Air quality would improve and global warming (if you want to believe THAT) would be impacted.

So it is no wonder that there are American citizens, who want to ban driving the automobile. There is no per se RIGHT to drive found in the Constitution. Moreover, they argue that it is immoral and unethical to kill people. Yes, driving cars is a sure-fire way to death. These citizens call themselves the Moral Walking.

Further, the argument goes to innocence. The slain often have no complicity in their demise. Some are picked off by drunks or impaired operators, others are pedestrians or bicycle riders and some are children. Not like the smokers or the sugarers, who know better, many of the victims of death by auto are, if you will, babes in the woods. Lambs.

Moral Walking leader Caris Culpepper is white establishment, old money. Connected, he has many rich friends, who, like him, want to ban driving the automobile. A hurdle for them has been, Doe v Spade.  In that inglorious case from 1973, a bunch of nine old white men, like them, ruled that Mr. Doe had a constitutional right to drive. Times were liberal then. His right to do so, they opined, was supported by the penumbral privacy protections of the Ninth Amendment. Culpepper is often heard saying,

Penumbral, my ass. Balderdash!

Over the years, lines have been drawn. In order to give themselves a positive spin, each side calls themselves "Pros." Cutesy... The Pro-Drivers naturally believe that a person has legal right to drive, while the Pro-Walkers argue that there is no legal right to kill yourself nor anyone else by carrying out the inherently dangerous act of driving a car. And over those same years, the Pro-Walkers movement has gained steam. In fact, one more good vote on the Supreme Court could be enough to reverse Doe!

In the meantime, the Culpeppers have been busy. Attacking the drivers every which way, they have put increasingly stringent proscriptions on the ability to get a driver's license. The have included, longer wait times and showing applicants crash videos and gory scenes of blood and entrails. Parental controls to the age of twenty-one are in place in states like Utah. Any way the Pro-Walkers can glean to derail the drivers has and will be used.

The most recent brouhaha has centered on Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This billion dollar business is dedicated to the eradication of breast cancer. Komen died in 1980, at the age of 36, of metastatic breast cancer. It was then that her sister, Nancy Brinkman, swore to Susan that she would do her best to find a cure for the disease. A remarkable woman, Brinkman has been a world leader.

SGKftC moves scads of money. Billions in and out, the foundation has a budget bigger than many countries. Among its endeavors, the Curers donate money to other organizations involved in the promotion of women's health. (As an aside, men benefit, too. An alive wife, mother or daughter is of estimable value.) Among these other entities is Planned Driving. Besides merely supporting the legal right of people to drive, Planned Driving also allocates money for medical screening for indigent drivers. Mammograms are included in the screening services...

And so it has come to pass that the Culpeppers have gotten Jim Bullock, a Texas senator, to begin a federal investigation into the finances of Planned Driving. Intrusive and negative, Congressional investigations can destroy the weak and underfunded. Additionally, once under investigtion, an organization loses luster and even acceptability. Oh. those wily Culpeppers!

It came as no surprise that Susan G. Komen for the Cure has pulled its support for Planned Driving. Policy, it's policy according to the Curers, that no funds be disbursed to organizations under federal scrutiny. Consequently the Planned Driving budget for indigent screening is now non-supported. Services, such as mammograms will cease on Monday.

Rancor in the ranks of the Curers has arisen. Unsuspected was the fact that some of the folks in Komen would be rashed over the potential loss of driving privileges and the increased risks of undiagnosed breast cancer. Some resigned and it has been reported that others will stop shaving. To be succinct, what a mess!

Whether people should be permitted to drive is a pressing problem in America. Not that there aren't other, perhaps more important issues on the table. Americans are opinionated and hard boiled on this matter. Either you are Pro-Walking or you are Pro-Driving. Without an acceptable middle ground, this battle will move on... and on... and on. Fuck it! Sunday is the Super Bowl. Now there's something Americans CAN agree on... Violence, gambling, gluttony, greed and alcohol are great together.


In a similar situation, today - Nancy Bricker, after this blog hit the presses, reversed a decision not to fund grants to Planned Parenthood...

Pink becomes the color of the day.... Yay!!

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