Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Costa Curse

Does costa mean curse in English? Well, no..., costa is translated as coast, but... The sad saga of the Costa Concordia is well known. http://www.pplume-blog.com/2012/02/schettino-is-gavone-not-captain.html That mega ship still lies in shallow water off of the island of Grigio, on it side, like the gored bull that it is. What a rip a reef can cause making staying in deep water a compelling axiom.

Now the Costa Allegra has joined its sister fleet mate as a fatality. Luckily, in this case, there are no deaths and no major harm, yet. The Allegra sustained an unexplained fire rendering the engines inoperable. Adrift in the Indian Ocean, the Costa Allegra has been picked up by the Trevignon, a French fishing vessel. Now it is being towed to Desroches, the main island of the Seychelles archipelago.

The passengers are, so far, safe and are aware of the problem of the failed ship. It appears that Costa Cruises has damaged controlled this event better than it did with the Concordia. Practice makes perfect.

An interesting side light is the fear of a pirate attack. The Indian Ocean is the bailiwick of the dreaded Somali pirates. The Allegra does have a security force on board, just in case. The Somapirates have yet to take out a cruise ship. Now that the dead engined ship is atow, it is less likely that it will become carrion aqua carrion.

Do clothes salesman still try to sell rubes cruisewear? Well, if they do perhaps, the line should include flak jackets, personal sewn in flotation devices and backpacks of survival items such as water, flares and protein bars. Perhaps Costa Cruises is toxic dye tainting the industry, but things on cruise ships can go south quickly. The idea of coming down with infectious diarrhea acruise seems insignificant now. 

Just booked a trans Canada rail trip for July. See you there?


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