Friday, February 17, 2012

Bullet Bra - Weasel

Dave (the Weasel) Trodden was born just right - in 1947. Just right that is to catch the heyday of the bullet bra. Oh my, those full pointy titties were something to behold then and now. Indeed, Dave was mighty surprised when he got to lip caress his first set of Nestorian boobs in a blue bus on the way back from a high school basketball game. No points! Soft and giving, her tits were - in fact, nothing like the weaponry he had grown accustomed to staring at while he waxed his carrot.

Popularized by the 1950's girls, the bullet bra was not underwired nor padded. A series of artful conical stitches gave the brassiere its ability to be an uplifter of note. Dave is old now, 64, but he can still smooth out his wrinkles. And to this day, there is nothing better than some bullet babes to bring him to his maker. So, out of respect for Dave, here's a walk down maker lane.

But as many have said, "There ain't nothing like the real thing." When Dave sees this below snapster, his pace will quicken, he will thicken and pop will go the weasel. Can you call that thing a weasel? Weasel! Weasel!

Fucke me-e

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