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Thinny Thin Thin, Abolish tumblr.?

Thin is an American ha-ha topic. Indeed, the double speak with thinness and fitness can only be rivaled (and surpassed) by sexuality. While folks here aspire to be thin and sexy, they sadly eat mass quantities of unhealthy food and they behave like prudes. Oh well...

Some years back the definition of thin-perverse-ideation undoubtedly came to include the medical calamity it was. Taken to its logical conclusion, people (most of them young women) die of starvation. Along the way to the end, they will endure the vicissitudes of amenorrhea, bone loss, agonizing hunger, immune suppression and more. The ongoing social issues surrounding the fasting or bulimic or purging party wreak personal havoc, but family and friends suffer as well.

Recently the social media site tumblr. has become a great way for folks to communicate. And, as might be expected, all sorts of opportunities for sharing and exchanging ideas, text and images have come vis a vis tumblr., a format which has not existed before. In short, tumblr. is terrific concept... a First Amendment life saver of sorts!

It comes as no surprise at all that the thinny community has tumblr-ed. Ah... remember pro-ana? Back 10 years ago pro-ana was the scourge. Groups, devoted to the ways of anorexia, were banned in some fashion from the internet for promoting the unhealthy practices of what was mainstreamed deemed as sick starvation. Yahoo alone knocked out more than 100 sites...

Using the buzzword of thinspo can get a seeker a tumblr. beginning into the world of controlled eating and weight management. Trying that tag, it easily yields things like this ->

No doubt, if you're interested more can be found with a simple skinny women Google search. Like ->

Soon, what with America being as sphincter tight as it is, there will be movement to curtail tumblr. Of course, this would be a mistake. The trimming of speech is always problematic. After all, a slippery slope is always the issue.

America is and will remain an odd country. On the band wagon for things like seat belt use and limiting electronic devices use on planes (ON electronic devices on planes such as cell phone and lap tops are not harmful), the stretched American psyche allows, even promulgates, tobacco and alcohol use. Ha! Now those are real killers of substantial impact! Nonetheless, other than Prohibition (which was Fail), the efforts to halt the sale and use of t and a have been abysmal.

While anorexia is an awful disease with dire consequences in its most blatant form, would the abatement of tumblr. associated thinspo submissions be the way to go. Simple answer -> NO. Despite the fact information and shared wisdom is exchanged does not in any way mean fewer or more individuals will be adversely impacted from a thinny obsession. The problem will exist no matter. Consequently the solution is in knowledge and education.

Another argument against limiting tumblr. is the observation that compelling images of uber thin, even anorexic women are found easily. The Google images presented are the first six that came up on the skinny women search. These photos are for the most part more disturbing than the bill of fare found on tumblr.'s thinspo seek. Should Google ban these images -> NO.

Hmmm, do more teenage girls get themselves pregnant because of the show Sixteen and Pregnant? Does that series promote early motherhood? Ever watch it? Contrary to what some might guess, the answer -> NO. Teenage pregnancy is lower today than it was before the show aired on MTV! Perhaps a case can be made that by presenting the notion of teen pregnancy has benefited young girls in the big picture... Knowledge and education are the keys to better living.


February 23, 2012
Tumblr announced today a plan to ban from the website blogs that actively promote self-harm, e.g., anorexia, bulimia, self-mutilation, or suicide. The new policy will likely take effect starting next week.
...Tumblr defended the decision to set restrictions for acceptable content stating, "We are deeply committed to supporting and defending our users' freedom of speech, but we do draw some limits."

Tumblr's staff blog

One of the great things about Tumblr is that people use it for just about every conceivable kind of expression. People being people, though, that means that Tumblr sometimes gets used for things that are just wrong. We are deeply committed to supporting and defending our users’ freedom of speech, but we do draw some limits. As a company, we’ve decided that some specific kinds of content aren’t welcome on Tumblr. For example, we prohibit spam and identity theft.
Our Content Policy has not, until now, prohibited blogs that actively promote self-harm. These typically take the form of blogs that glorify or promote anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders; self-mutilation; or suicide. These are messages and points of view that we strongly oppose, and don’t want to be hosting. The question for us has been whether it’s better to (a)prohibit them, as a statement against the very ideas of self-harm that they are advancing, or (b) permit them to stay up, accompanied by a public service warning that directs readers to helplines run by organizations like the National Eating Disorders Association.
We are planning to post a new, revised Content Policy in the very near future, and we’d like to ask for input from the Tumblr community on this issue.
Here’s what we think the right answer is:
1. Implement a new policy against pro-self-harm blogs.Here’s draft language we are planning to add to our Content Policy:
Active Promotion of Self-Harm. Don’t post content that actively promotes or glorifies self-injury or self-harm. This includes content that urges or encourages readers to cut or mutilate themselves; embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or commit suicide rather than, e.g., seek counseling or treatment for depression or other disorders. Online dialogue about these acts and conditions is incredibly important; this prohibition is intended to reach only those blogs that cross the line into active promotion or glorification. For example, joking that you need to starve yourself after Thanksgiving or that you wanted to kill yourself after a humiliating date is fine, but recommending techniques for self-starvation or self-mutilation is not.
We aim to begin implementing this policy next week. Of course, we will allow any affected blogs a grace period in which to edit or download your content.
2. Start showing PSAs on search results for related keywords.In addition, we plan to start posting “public service announcement”-style language whenever users search for tags that typically go along with pro-self-harm blogs. For example, when a user searches for tags like “anorexia”, “anorexic”, “bulimia”, “bulimic”, “thinspiration”, “thinspo”, “proana”, “purge”, “purging”, etc., we would show PSA language like:
Eating disorders can cause serious health problems, and at their most severe can even be life-threatening. Please contact the [resource organization] at [helpline number] or [website].
So that’s our plan. We’d like your feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email them

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