Tuesday, October 18, 2011

White traditions, Blaaaa..ck

Tradition is a powerful thing. Blind, stubborn and sometimes even wrong, tradition can be a pipper. As an example, the white wedding dress.... A western culture tradition from forever. Indeed, if forever is from the mid 1800's. Up until the time Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress in 1840, ladies were married in all colors, even black...

White, so pure... Pure! Brides are thought to be pure, untouched, virginal, virginal. Women to be married are somehow like pristine gifts, wrapped in white, handed over by a man to a man for life's continued journey. Oh brother, this is bull****.

The wedding business is mega. And the dress and its associated surrounding cost points are no small dent in the wedding budget. So what? It's a day to remember for some of the participants and a day to rue for about the other half. In reality, a blackjack bet has better odds glow at producing joy, but the greater the chances of failure, the more glorious the win. In short, a good marriage is a treasure and a coup for the lucky linkers, who can conjoin happily and forever... Oh brother.

So let's get to these new fashion wedding gowns just exhibited at the New York Bridal Week by Vera Wang. She is a paradigm designer of all thing tastefully-sexy-female and she is a mover and shaker in the wedding industry. Thus, when she went black - EGADS. What a stir. Black wedding dresses.

  • Slimming, slimming, slimming, SLIMMING
  • Slimming
  • Dirt and stain resistant and cake repelling
  • Cool, not temperature, mojo
  • Good for all hair colors, whereas white washes out blondes
  • Better shoe selections
  • Allows accent colors better than white
  • Gets off of the purity rubric, face it, most brides have traveled highways
  • Black makes the virginal thing silly
  • Black makes a bride less of a crackerjack box prize
  • It's a smarter color making the wearer more perspicacious

Other hues, reds and blues and nudes (color), are equally appealing. Color and style are a matter of personal choice. The white mandate may have about run its course. Good...


Two other traditions that need to to be questioned are the boiling of the water when a baby is about to be born on a kitchen table and the avoidance of dietary seeds for people with colonic diverticulosis.

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