Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ugh, When the President Wasn't an Arse

ALRIGHT!!!! No longer able to stand listening to the Republican hopefuls "debating", the time has come to search out some old stuff, stuff from when there was a reason to feel good about the USA. So with Nino and the Ebb Tides playing opposite Little Ceasar and the Romans in a one-two-one-two sequence over and over again in a Those Oldies But Goodies face off, these ten images were found on http://mondotopless.tumblr.com/, well... well!

These ladies sure look different than the ladies of today. Golly-hairzooks. Those yesteryear bushes are something to behold. Gotta be honest, more yuck than sweet, but they didn't have razors back then, only clam shells to tear the hairs out by their ruts. Ha-ha. Ruts is so mid-western... Chicago, home of the ruts?

These women were primed during the times of Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Carter. Back then, standing or would that be sitting Presidents weren't demeaned and maligned as they are today. If you are old enough to wax to the kinds of femmes in these images, you can remember when, once elected, the President was the American leader. Hah! No more. After watching Mitt, Perry, Newt, Sanctimonious, Dumb-Ass, 9-9-9 and Eyebrows rip seven new ass ports into P Obama tonight, you gotta get some relief... So would that mean that he has eight... Nah, right?

OK-OK, off of those oldies. Now listening to Birdy singing Shelter. She's 15. Somehow she gives a person more hope than the aforementioned Obama lynch mob. Go ahead, listen. Gotta get a beer and some poison chips in an effort to cope with it all... Salute!

(er twelve images, could have kept going, oh, go visit the site for a little memory lane tour)

E cosi va

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