Thursday, October 27, 2011

XXX Tokidoki Barbie Doll

Already sold out!! This limited edition Barbie, targeted btw to the adult collector market, is only available in the secondary markets. Oh man, sold out!! Hello ebay, goodbye scalp. Selling originally for half a Benjamin, now the price is up around $400. Darn, what a wonderful Christmas holiday gift for the "collector".

So what is so cool about this edition of the venerable kid's toy. Hah...
  • designed in collaboration with Simone Legno
  • Legno is the founder or Tokidoki, a Japanese life style company based in CA
  • this Barbie features pink hair
  • permanent tattoos
  • pink miniskirt
  • Bastardino, a dog pet
  • logo leggings
  • permanent, nicely designed tattoos (oops, so good, had to do it twice, hehe)
  • a black cape with the Tokidoki signature
  • a snazzy black belt
  • sunglasses, bracelet, etc.
  • skyscraper silvery pumps

As might be expected, parents are fired up. Doubtless, worriment of staining the children runs amok. Like jailhouse tattoos, this dolly will likely cause an epidemic of playground tattoos. Besides the scarring and the disfigurement, contagion looms ominously. One has to wonder why "designers" have to mess with an iconic toy? Why?? Kids can be so impressionable.

Well, check out some of these images. You gotta admit the body art is pretty darn good. And the pink bob is snappy. And the wardrobe is to die for. And, and ...and. This Barbie is a winner. Ooops, sorry parents.

Release Date: 10/13/2011
Product Code: T7939
No more than 7400 units produced worldwide.

tokidoki®Barbie® Doll

$50.00 Sold Out! Currently Not Available From Mattel

Gotta go now. A mint Tokidoki Barbie is going off in an hour and the bidding snipers are already in line. Truth be told, there is no "collector" to gift. Nonetheless, $550 is the limit, honest, unless...

If success is realized, an image of the Tokidoki Barbie will be posted... Just hopin' and sayin'... 

Victory will be mine
(who said that?)

E cosi va...

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  1. i dont understand why parents dont approve of this tokidoki barbie dol! i think its adorable!