Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs :(

So, tomorrow gonna wear a black mock turtle neck, jeans and New Balance sneakers to work. Don'na give a bang if the people are unhappy, if they say, you'a not dressed 'propriately. Gonna say, "Hey, u'a ever heard of Steve Jobs??"

Man, Steve Fifty-fucking-six, are we human or are we robots? Aw c'mon u'a gotta hurt on this one. The guy, Steve Jobs, was an icon, an American fucking icon. Don'na know why, but loved this guy. He could'a been a prick, but not to my perception. He was sooo smart and cool, Apple was'a him and he was'a  Apple. Some'a me died with him. U'a too, even if u'a don'na know it...

Pancreatic cancer is lethal, any cell type. While we'a all hoped Steve could beat it, fuck, he didn't and so didn't we'a. At a time when we'a all so sorely need heroes, losing Steve Jobs stings all the more. And not'a gonna shave either, gonna try to look like Steve out of respect. Yup, out of respect.

Don'na have much more to say... Just tweeted...

Listening to iTunes on my iPhone while working on my MacBook Pro, hey Steve Jobs, your vision will remain legendary, Thank you!!!

Yeah, don'na care if u'a think Im'a too sensitive cause Steve Jobs was a hero to me. So if this is a weenie, weak blog, so be it...

Andare mancarvi Steve Jobs,
Non c'è sostituzione.

Gonna miss you Steve Jobs,
There is no replacement.

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