Friday, October 21, 2011

Skin Sells

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - PETA - continues its racy ads. The latest features a lizard-like Laura Vandervoort posing in her painted integument to alert us to the horrors of the exotic skin trade. Well, this offering gets an ass up.

Of note is the coincidence that the Canadian actress appeared in a role playing a lizard, a lizard wearing human skin. If ever there was a job experience deemed compelling... In the ABC 2009 series V (sadly cancelled midstream and with the story line dangling), Vandervoort played Lisa, the daughter of the Visitors leader (Anna). The show was based on the notion that the human appearing lizards were here on Earth to do nefarious things to the humans (use them as a food source).

With its porn production still in the incubator, PETA remains confidently vigilant in using sex as a way to draw attention to its cause. And without doubt sex works. Go ahead, check out these images and the video too. A measure of the success of LV's gambit is whether the viewer hits up Joaquin Phoenix's You Tube video on the abuses of the exotic skins industry... (the sexy lead-in moves the viewer to an epiphany).

Go ahead, watch JP, too. Be epiphanized!* Humans can be a cruel bunch, indeed, indeed.

E cosi va

*epiphanized - the process wherein the brain "skin" is pulled back and the exposed sensitive neural tissue experiences the intense sensation of pleasurable expansion of thought and process.

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