Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sears Sucks, Ergo...

Some days...
It rains.
Big effing deal.
Who cares?

Ya made of sugah?
Gonna melt?
Get out there...
Go to Lowes, or is it Lowells?

Things are moovin'
cars n' trucks
doin' business (postal).
Water drops on the 'shield.

No problem - fire away
click, click, click
Snap-eroos 4 me 'n
4 U - 2 evaluate.

Shitty li'l town.
Cops got nethin' 2 do
but give out tickets
2 support their pensions. Ewwww!

Lowell's lot...
Trucks begatting trucks 'n
doing their stuff.
Men eatin' out in cabs.

Gettin' wet, DIY, DIY.
Picken' up 'n
droppin' off. No help.
Lowells rips - off

Shop-Rite ain't no
Carts a-ready 2 b
filled with overpriced calories. 

Flat bed, still - idle, slippery
'n wet.
Slippery 'n wet...
Like that?

Lomo look Sears van with
Man re-pasting, Wawa food...
Sears is America.
Sears sucks. Ergo...

Così là!
(So there!)

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