Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saggies Are Normal

With the explosion in implanted titties. the notion of normal has gotten so distorted that real ones look fake. How about that? Real ones look fake! Worse yet, women are made to feel bad about what is normal. So, here are a few factoids...

  • Breasts tend to sag..... G-R-A-V-I-T-Y!!
  • Sagging breasts are NORMAL.
  • All sized breasts are prone to gravity and hence sagging.
  • Age is a sag factor... so are genetics, pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • Downwards pointing nipples are normal as are stretch marks.
  • Saggy breasts are sexy, fun to touch and play with and great for sucking.
  • Sometimes breast tissue involutes leaving a breast both saggy and deflated.
  • Asymmetry is common...
In an effort to desensitize those under the age of reality, here are some selected images from a great Tumblr blog, Look these normal breasts over and get with the program.

Yuppers, all of these above pictured examples are good stuff, the way it is in the world. Rather than compare reality with made up blown up udders, forget the saline and the silicone and stay with au naturel. A few variations on this theme to stretch the experience.

And it's ok to aim for the floor, really, its is...

Don't forget those extended areolae. And, yes the areola can be more than 50% of the anterior breast prow.

E cosi va

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