Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sage Sunday Night by misscnicole

Sunday night, bleh.... The weekend is over and the reverberations of Monday are thumping like a miler's heartbeat at the tape. Rats!! What to do? Well, here's something... to take... per os

Ok, then take one and if you're not better in an hour take another. You WILL be better.

Well there you have it! Oh yes, you can take one every 4 hours as needed. When Life Just Blows.... Fukitol! But before pushing off, the erstwhile misscnicole aka Courtney Roskop, formerly known as Kacey Jordan is right now sharing some Twitter tips,!/misscnicole. These pearls are seemingly relevant, be you a girl or a boy. So heed... or you will be smote(d) ;)

Ms. Roskop, a most complex character, works it hard and lives in hotels. Right now, she is finishing up a several city skein of assignments, which have included not only personal service duties but cinematic obligations as well. Frayed, tired and now too thin (approximately 80 pounds), this 5-4 waif needs to get back to her family in Oregon for some overall sustenance. Nonetheless, she tweets her heart and it is from her innocence that her wisdom emerges. Sometimes, though, what she posts can cross the line...

Wonder what this file was, want it??
Rule 57, make him want it, lol


i'm watching he's just not that into you, i know i think like a man. but r girls really that dumb?

my rule fuck em and leave him even if you like him, he'll call u if you wants and if he doesn't you weren't expecting anything... think of

it as u used him for his fuckstick and keep looking for more. sex is not a big deal... unless it's amazing. i've been cock struck b4

or cockwhipped... like french ex. prettiest guy on the planet and great in bed. but lacks everything else. will always be boyfriend FAIL

that's just a slice of my thoughts about men. it's much deeper than that... thank you mom for teaching me everything *evil laugh*

my favorite rule, after a week of dating make up a traumatic experience to where you make the guy seem like he really helped you...

then he's emotionally involved and even if it was too much for him.he felt heroic. you broke down his emotional u act like the guy

oh so many rules... but i only use them for my job. i don't date. well exception with the last guy from israel. we secretly talk everyday

my job has taught me so much. like the super christian guy who got married a week before he hired me, baby on way.lovely

yea there's like over 200 rules. my biggest talent is to read a guy and know what to say to make him believe i'm his soulmate

 it's my job. they should know paying a girl to date them. and only use these rules on assholes ;)

Well, that makes sense to anyone with half a brain. At least the part about the Fukitol, at least... As for the other half a brain, indeed... adherence to the Rules is in order. As misscnicole iterates, the Rules are applicable only to ani. Too bad the ani among us don't know that they are ani so that they get the Rules buggered into them without knowing it. Just as well, the sensation when ani have no idea they are being dipsy-doodled only heightens the paid-for experience. Now how does one go about reaching Ms. Roskop?

contact me at

E cosi va

Some images... 

And a last tweet

why doesn't  have 10million followers?? she's the realist person tv. she's hilarious!

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