Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ride Snaps Plus One


After the freak 10th month snowstorm
and Christie's State of Emergency,
it's back on the road
to snaperoo...


Not much time,
entropy rules today
so just a few with the iPhone and

Pond rushes

So check 'em out,
See what ya' think.
If ya' want, send me yours...
I'll post 'em 4 u!

Open sluice with lots of juice

Me love the blue 'n yellow.
Tho my fave is green and black -
Like Anna Paquin.
She has a diastema.

Roadside couch and chair

Folks leave their stuff in
the street.
Some'un gonna pluck it...
Ya think?

Camper and traffic signals

Camper for sale...
On a corner - weeks
Prolly smells inside,

Plus One LeaRae (Red)

Monochrome. white and
black don't count.
Red, Red, Red
Ya' kno about red, right?

E cosi va...

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