Sunday, October 30, 2011


Emma and Beatrice are on the road. School is out for the day. They are riding in a 2006 BMW X5, 6 cylinder...

Where the heck does power come from?

Power... Hold it, not the king kind of power, but electrical power. Gosh darn eight year olds and their "science" teachers. In my day, thought Beatrice, you didn't get science until high school. And back then it was an elective for nerds.

For sure, Beatrice Evelyn Aquilini Smeltz did not need this. Emma, dear ginger that she is, was merely wanting to "know". Teacher Dee Marcangela encouraged the third grade class at St. Agony, er Agnes, to have inquiring minds. And Emma Aquilini did indeed have such a mind. Gingers...

So where, where does the power come from?

Oh, Emmie, they make it at, you know, the power plant.

Plant? Like a bush kind of plant?

Laughing, No, like a factory, you know, a building where people work to make power.

Oh yeah, in History we watched the production line factory where Model T Henry Fords were made.

See, that's it. A factory kind of thing. Anything new? Bea's hope to change the subjects would be fruitless.

So the power is on a conveyor belt where people bolt things on to it, kinda...

Oh no, not quite. The power people make the power by getting it from something else that has the power in it.


Oh, like coal or oil. In the plants, the workers burn the coal or oil and make electricity. The electrical power comes from the coal or oil...

Ah, so maybe I should want coal for Christmas the holidays? Then I could burn it and get some electricity to run my battery chargers.

Well, it's not that simple, but yes, er no, oh god!!!

Dee says that we are polluting the planet because we are too much into power. Burning power to get power. This stuff is weird.

Gosh darn Dee Marcangela... Well, yes, burning coal and oil produces stuff like carbon dioxide, but that's a natural substance. Thinking to herself, if we go global warming, I am going to run this car into a pole.

Dee (she encourages her students to call her Dee, Dierdres are like that) says that we should go clean energy. Like use the sun and the wind and the rain and the snow. Not sure what she said about the tides, but she said something. It was almost lunch time when the tides came up, hah, Mom that was funny...

Clean energy is good. Bea was hoping the kid would give it up, but... Of course, clean is always good, clean hands and face, clean sheets, clean room, C-L-E-A-N

Look, aren't those solar panels? Pointing to the left, the youngster had spotted a set of roof panels. Oddly, snow was melting off of them. A freakish October snow dump had left the rooftops white.

Oh yes, the Garibaldis had those ugly things installed last summer. Concetta told me that the panels make so much energy that they sell it to the electric company for a profit...

Aha, so those panels are like the power plant workers, who are burning coal and oil for power?


And those panels make carbon dioxide, too?

Well, no. Solar is clean energy, so to speak. But it costs a lot to install and is relatively impractical. At least right now. As long as oil and coal are cheap, solar will never be "practical", planet be damned.

Dee and I think wind is cool, ha-ha, cool wind. Em considered herself a jokester...

Problem is... what happens when there's no wind?? (or sun for that matter.)

Oh yeah, but Dee says you have to farm the wind in the ocean. I don't get that, farms of wind, like corn ?

Sweet Jesus, I would like to kill DEEEE! No honey, not a farm-farm, just a bunch of windmills together, you know, in a windy location.

Mom, do you know about Daniel Boone's plan?

Daniel Boone?

Yea, Boone...

Oh brother, what is she talking about. Beatrice has always confused Boone with Johnny Appleseed. As far as Daniel Boone's energy plan, well, ya gotta be kidding. Sorry, snookims, I don't know about that one...

(Boone Pickens has put forth the Pickens Plan, one based on energy independence using natural gas and alternative clean energy sources such as solar and wind.)

Oh by the way Mother, Dee wants us to find out what kind of mileage our car gets. Do you know?

Sugar, ask Daddy, he takes care of the cars*. I just fill it and drive it. (unsaid, Daddy pays the credit card bill, too!!)

Thanks Mom, wait till I tell Dee how much YOU know about power. When I grow up, I want to be just like you...


E cosi va....

*The 2006 BMW X5 is 6 cylinder is rated for 14 City, 19 Highway and 16 mpg overall. It is a gas HOG!!!

Photos via iPhone using Leme Cam App, 2Expo. All taken this AM.

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