Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perfect Circle

Late on a Saturday,
Used to be date night...
Like so long ago.

But now times have changed.
Every night is a fun night.
So, for those without
a date, say HELLO!

Gotta be likin' slim
and petite for now,
but if u prefer - go back blogging
a month or two ago.

This is a nice site,
from whence these images have been found...
a blog dedicated to the slimmer female form all photos found on the internet.

So, if u have the time...
kick back and relax.
Check these images and 
if u want more...

Cruise over to

As the Yellow Pages
use to hawk,
Let your fingers 
do the walking.

And perhaps
u could add,
Let your fingers do
the task

of completing
your circle.
A perfect figure
that circle.


E cosi va...

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