Sunday, October 9, 2011

Native American Summer Day

A perfect Native American
Summer day befell
Shelton, CT. 

With an hour and five to kill,
Off to town.
Riverview Park
became an activity.

Oops, no food or
Too bad, the table
overlooks the Ousatonic Dam.

Shelton on the Housatonic River
used to be vital... #1
But no more - the jobs and the industry are gone.
It's a city with steps to nowhere.

The fishing boy statue
has been THERE for 100 years.
Refurbished and spiffy,
the art can startle!!!

But a close-up
sets it straight.
Double whew!

Szabo's was closed...
Sunday it was.
Wanted some of the chowder,
Wondered if it was good?

Dunno, dunno...
Gonna blow out of
Shelton CT
after the game...

(Stars beat the Quarry Cats 2-0)
Just in case you wondered
 (Hey, you know anything 'bout the chowder?)

E cosi va

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