Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mrs. Nucky Schroeder

The HBO smash hit (smash hit is one of HBO's sizzle phrases) Boardwalk Empire is a notable production, which ultimately may challenge The Sopranos for quality and worth. In its second season, the 1920's era Atlantic City based saga has a long way to go before reaching those accolades. Nonetheless, with its great story lines, compelling characters and period punctuations, BE is one terrific  effort.

As for the characters, well, there's a gold mine of humanity to behold. Stand outs include Nucky (Steve Buscemi), Mrs. Schroeder (Kelly MacDonald), Jimmy (Michael Pitt) and Chalky (Michael K. Williams). This abbreviated listing, however, should not be construed to give short shrift to the other excellent show portrayals. No!

The period wardrobe detail is most interesting. From Nucky's suits and Ely's brownness to Mrs. Schroeder's hats, oh well! And Chalky White is always an exemplar of sartorial splendor. A few examples tell it all...

Like life, series shows end up badly. The double D's, demise and death, stand over them and all humanity like a nail gunner over a queu of Kansas steers. Nucky is as ruthless as he is intelligent. Bad things await him, but we hope for the best. Mrs. Schroeder is a gritty, perceptive woman of perspicacity. Her character development is moving forwards at a breakneck speed so far this season two. Somehow, the feeling that Margaret Schroeder will ultimately land on her feet pervades.

At the completion of show two, Nucky has lost his base of support. Even brother Eli has dumped him. Having just been jailed for election fraud, it is gut check for the show's protagonist. Somehow, though, the moment is triumphant for Nucky with the emergence of Mrs. Schroeder as a paramour gone protector. By the time the credits roll on this installment, one can't help think, It's always darkest just before the dawn.

Alright then, enough for now. Hey, do you think those Schroeder hats have any chance of a comeback? Nah, probably not. Well they sure look good, but maybe that's more Kelly MacDonald than the hats themselves??


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