Sunday, October 23, 2011

Morning Babylon

Back in the day
Ventnor City
New Jersey...

Ventnor is still
back in the day.
4 sure - 
Just cruise it.

Best done at
There are no secrets
in bright light.

To paraphrase,
the morning sun
when it's in ur eyes
really shows ur age...

A roll down around town,
tells it in
black, white, blue and yellow.

Always a bridesmaid,
never Atlantic City.
Yet, with a 
past smidge of charm.

But, now with its
long gone.
Decrepitude incipient...

Despite a pocket here and a
pocket there, of grandeur,
tawdry and run-down
are echoing adjectival.

Yet, despite the
gritty neck and
the discomfiture,

still offers hope.
Somehow the mere
presence of the ocean
suggests renewal.


Who knows?
Only way to get it
is to feel it.
It's a sunny Sunday AM.

 Hop in the Buick
cruise on down
check 4 urself... 

Odd as this may seem
listen to David Gray's
as u per-auto-late.

Drive the streets,
up and down,
past glory,
little hope.

 Just started listening...
...all the lights are turning red to green...
...the love I was giving you was never in doubt...
turning back for home...I feel so alone

E cosi va

Watch Clune!!!!

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