Monday, October 31, 2011

Lunch and a Ticket

On a perfect autumn midday -
A good idea

A neat little place,
in an old bank,
the vault still center stage, ahhh-
People's Cafe and Market.

Turkey club 4 me,
sourdough, bacon
cheese, rating equals

The ambiance was great...
Hardwood floor, WiFi, papers, flowers and more.
Friendly, campy...
The kind of place where you can hang.

Service nice, order at counter and
she will bring it to you.
Would have called me out to pick it up,
if she knew my name, she said.

Further she stated we could have been friends :)
That is, if she had known my name.
I didn't know hers,
name tag?, uh dunno...

Didn't get a napkin,
NP. No utensils either...
Used my sleeve and fingers,
Thought I was home.

Dessert No!
Beverage water.
Parking ticket - YES.
Fuck Newport, RI!

*More about my dish...
  • advertised as as club, it was not, a club or clubhouse sandwich is by definition is two layers, separated by three pieces of bread
  • my club was two pieces of too old and too dry pieces of sourdough bread, which was just white bread without the "sour"
  • the bacon was old, and in particular, NOT crisp and oil soggy, fresh crispy bacon would have given the sandwich some redemption
  • the turkey was nothing to write home about, not thick, not tasty, a deli price leader
  • the teeny bag of Cape Cod chips was underwhelming, noticeable by is size and its too few chips
  • chips are cheap, should have filled the plate (white with a white sandwich with lots of empty white space) with them
  • the quarter pickle spear was salty enough and in keeping with the average theme

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