Monday, October 31, 2011

LA Halloween ala CR

Louboutins and Courtney, match!

misscnicole!/misscnicole is, without doubt,
a complex and interesting Twitter player. So when
she began to up-Tweet with her upcoming LA Halloween
weekend, there was little to do but chronicle.

Indeed the events started with her usual flair, but for whatever
her reasons, she party-fizzled. Now off
to NYC to see her bf, her LA Halloween exploits are over.
(unless she post Tweets)

Well, it's always fun,
no matter.
Some people just got
the right spin (if you will).

Thursday October 27, 2011

After this weekend I'm retiring. Thank u. Goodbye.

staying in LA until Saturday. NYC Sunday. Only flying down for party.

I'm a peacock for halloween :D now going to MAC for green eye shadow (peahen?)

It was cool to fly over the lake where I shot a porno in a canoe. My knees were bruised :/

Sometimes I hate the way other peoples detergent smells. Like how can they think they smell clean?

staying in LA until Saturday. NYC Sunday. Only flying down for party.

Booking my hotel last minute. Buying costume at trashy last minute. Getting bronzed too :)

I checked in at Sheraton Universal Hotel

Hahaha I've worked here quite a few times. Especially after laker games

I checked in at Trashy Lingerie

I checked in at Sofitel Los Angeles

all cuddled up with fluffy hotel beds :D i shall spend my entire night here. yawwnn long day. night xoxo

Friday October 28, 2011

morning :) 
baa ram me
ok me and duchess say bye :) gotta go fuck

I checked in at Maria's Italian Kitchen

Just had me some fat cock. I'm in such a good mood.

Like a coke can :) like losing virginity all over again. (even though I'm farrrr from that)

hmm it's so nice out :) walking to sunset tan... don't need to start getting ready for a few hours. 

I checked in at Sunset Tan

I am dark chocolate. Yessssss. I love u sunset tan, really do.

omg i loves my outfit! stoked to take pics for ya guys in a lil bit! on my way to the roosevelt ;;)

Sorry its not close up. Ipod is playing  pictcha sucks (it does!)

Saturday October 29, 2011

(14 hours later)

I checked in at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Feel like crap

Sunday October 30, 2011

Sorry for lack of tweets... When I party I go all out. passed out at 5PM and now just woke up. Got to leave the Roosevelt to get my things

Then I'm NYC bound tonight to see the bf. Excited to be at the Ace hotel again! :)

the same bf I've had all summer :p

Ohh yea... Walk of shame at the Roosevelt without the shame. Just look rough. Feathers and make up everywhere

Added November 1, 2011
(in NYC)

i'm sooooo sore... it has to be anal only now until tomorrow :( i don't think he'll mind. i need to go sit on a pile of snow outside

haha so apparently i got fucked in my peacock costume i just looked over the side of my bed. fucking in outfits= soreness everytime


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