Friday, October 21, 2011

Film, No More?

Gonna go type on my Selectric,,,
it's inna da attic.
Ink dried out like a hag
sure enough, sure.

Right after I fix my LOMO camera...
Cuzza wanna take lomo-graphs.
Yeah-Yeah lo-fi is retro hi--fi
c'mon round again.

Well dat wuz until ze APP,
Leme Cam jumped up
'n slapped me in da cheeks.

OK, so there is no film
No X Pro nor C41. No E-6.
A purist's nightmare indeed 'n
4 sure... But

Look at these snappers,
2 EXPO in the
Camera Bag...
Holy Moly! 

This 'un above,
a street cut out
and a Yield Island in
Longport NJ.

Longport house demolition, ewww.
Yellow backhoe

Orange cones 'n
a cop car...
See the car? Men atta work.
Where da men??

'N dese last two,
Shot at 6 AM on a
coffee run.
Ventnor Ave, Margate NJ.

E cosi va...

And here are the WaWa hot cups
and milks.


All taken on Ventnor Ave,
Ventnor NJ
Right around
Jo Jo's...

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