Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Deadeye State

Isn't anybody really, really angry about the Ohio slaughter of Thompson's Tigers (and all of the other animals, too? Let's get out of the way the lax Ohioan exotic animal laws and the wackiness of Terry Thompson himself. Of course, of course...

Let's disregard the 17 dead lions, bears, mountain lions et al, yup disregard them. Focus then on the executed 18 Bengal Tigers. Eighteen! With somewhere in the range of 1500 to 4000(?) of these meat eating machines left in the word, the loss of 18 in one fell swoop is more than a mosquito bite...

Maybe Thompson's Tigers were old or infertile or genetically subpar. Maybe these tigers were at the end of their useful lives and their executions were humane. Perhaps they were riddled with arthritis and parasites and edentulosity. Perhaps they were no longer the killing machines seen so often in the "bengal" world regions (India, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Nepal and Bhutan).

TT went berserk. Berserk is setting over fifty wild animals loose and then self ending. He was a known neighbor hater and he was making a statement of his sentiments towards them. One can only conjecture what he might have thought, if indeed he thought at all, what would happen to his his "trophies". Did he ever think that he would be setting up a better safari hunt than you could conjure up on the Serengeti?

Whatever happened to tranquilizer darts, guns or bazookas. Did all of these creatures need to be deep sixed? Just like that? Ohio has moved itself up on the list of goof-ball states. No longer to be known as the Buckeye State, the new name is apropos. Deadeye State!!

Well, it over and done. Death is like that.  Once it happens, there is no more. If anything, there is a perverse positive twist to death. Finality... Finality...

E cosi va

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