Thursday, October 20, 2011

Courtney's London Shoot

Off, shooting in London
is misscnicole. Meanwhile
Quaddhaffi's death was
reported today. O-oh!

Her tweets are always fun
'specially when she adds
some images.

No matter how
she does it.
She causes a
stir. No wonder...

Innocence, real or feigned...
Perspicacity, yes, indeed...
Weaknesses aplenty...
But honest, seemingly so.

Ultimately people decide
like and dislike by the
way another person makes them 
feel about THEMSELVES!!!

So, then...
That's how she does it.
Read her tweets and 
see how you feel.

Look at her pix...
And, oh
my. Feel?

Up is the operative word,
All up
All good
All there. Ahhhh...

So, the world is short
another dictator, but 
things are still good.

E cosi va

Courtney Roskop

 love the blog as always xoxo 

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