Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bigs and Small

Some days are droll, not through any fault of their own. Well, unless it's your birthday or a day of otherwise personal gravity. For example, October 4 is plain and vanilla and boring on its face. In distinction, January 1 is not. Luck of the Gregorian draw of the first order is at work.

Speaking of work, it's almost time to push off to another day of salt mining. The idea of working in a salt mine implies ennui, but it it is doubtful many people have any idea what it is to actually mine salt. Would that be table salt, sodium chloride, or same other salt like a bromide used for acne or constipation or something important?

Well, the salt mine thing exemplifies boredom and repetitive prostitution. For most people, working is a form of prostitution, even if sex is not involved. It would be swell if everyone loved their job, so that it wasn't a labor, but a passion. Good luck with that. While you're doing a life inventory, look over at the fat, hairy foul gas bag you sleep with and salt mine that! Buuuuurpp! Wives... Husbands...

So, in the spirit of October 4, here are six images to look over as the day starts. Coffee is the morning jump starter for many, but for a select few it's tits. It is to those titter imbibers that this AM blog is lasered towards. Now there are five large images and one not so... Too early to tell them apart??

See that blog for more, LOTS more...

See that blog for less, a LOT less...

Alright, it's time to go. Oh, did you pick them apart? Ah, too easy? Ok what's the name of the horizontally striped model? If you need help with that let me know... Check her out, watch a video or two... you're welcome!


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