Friday, October 28, 2011

Be This 4 Halloween

The praying mantis
is a cousin 2 the
The mantis receives both good
and bad press.
An eating
MACHINE, this lovely
consumes* all
insects, garden beneficial
and harmful.
This ugly mithio
even feasts on its
brothers and sisters.
In addition, the female devours the
male, stupid humping male.
At copulation, S-N-A-P!!!
With its head
severed, the spermer
shakes and thrusts and spasms
sending the swimmers
in with an
unparalleled boost.
And the female not
only gets k-nocked UP, but
fed 2 boot.
2 boot...

*The praying mantis is a killing machine. It also preys on snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, fish and rodents. Just look at those piercing forelegs. With the vision of an eagle and the sensory receptors of a B-2, beware this predator. All-in-all, this baby is one amazing example of biology.


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