Thursday, August 11, 2011

Darva Again

Surprise, surprise! In checking out some information on Cisco configuration routers up pops an explanation authored by Darva Conger.  Darva Conger? Phillip's own mainframe was startled, inasmuch as pathways and connections long dormant were called into action. Darva Conger...

Hmmm... It was the year 2000, a time when all computers were suspect. What with the turning of the numbers, nobody knew what would happen. And as far as Conger was concerned, no one did. She was, then and now, a comely donna, blonde, toothy and smart. She had been an emergency room nurse, who managed to get herself on an inane TV show called, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? Among 50 women, Rick Rockwell chose her. Although he was never seen by any of the ladies, he was a "catch". Upon making his selection, Rick married Darva on the spot. Yup right then and there. Wooing and courtship be damned.

For her part, Darva received $100,000 in prizes and a 3 carat diamond ring. The date of that spectacle was February 15. At the completion of the "honeymoon", Darva filed for an annulment, asserting that Rockwell misrepresented himself. And on April 5, 2000, the marriage was erased.

Ms. Conger later said that the whole notion of the marriage and her show appearance went against her moral and ethical value systems. It was nice to see a person find herself, so to speak. She did point out that the marriage was not consummated... Phillip recalled wondering then what the heck was wrong with Rick. Woman, man, honeymoon... Was Rick gay, impotent or what? From Phil's neck of the woods, guys would nail babes just as soon as talk to them. But that was New Jersey.

Despite all asserted, Darva Conger did grace all interested with a remarkable Playboy spread in August 2000. Centerfold girl! Phillie now remembers running out to a Borders (now gone) to page through the issue. Back then the internet was not as good as it is now. He thought about actually buying the issue to wank off to, but he didn't. Phil-pot is cheap. Nonetheless he shined his stick in the front seat of his Volvo, right there in the parking lot of the now dead Borders.

As Phillip (yes he is two "l" man, his mother Jullia would have it no other way) runs through all of this he can feel a bit of groin pressure. Still a scamp, he makes a move and finds a gold mine. Indeed, way more stuff than he can recall ever seeing before. 63 wonderful images of Darva, herself. Phil-o-pot had forgotten how lovely Conger was back then in 2000. Slim, well porportioned not fake breasts, a spot of pubic hair and those NIPPLES. Youza!

Modern girls are so fake. Phil had a hooker last week, whose breasts were bigger than double softballs and just as hard. He popped, but it took him like 90 seconds. Those faux melons were a turnoff. Darva, on the other hand, right hand that is... it'll be 45 or less. Unless the Cisco routers re-emerge in his sweatbox of a noodlle.

E cosi va...

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