Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Zenaida Gonzalez Wins

Zenaida Gonzalez is about to become rich. Lucky devil. Casey Anthony will turn out to be a cash cow for her. Perhaps, besides Anthony, Zenaida was the next biggest winner in Anthony's surprising acquittal yesterday.

For whatever the reasons, which will never be fully known, Anthony fingered Zenaida as the last person who had seen Caylee Anthony alive. The slippery Casey claimed that Gonzalez was acting as the three year old's nanny. Consequently, the Orlandan became the #1 person of interest in the child's disappearance. Well, none of that was true, in fact, Zenaida Gonzalez never met Anthony or her daughter.

The prosecutorial legal system in Florida is as whack as that in New York City (DSK). In retrospect, both public agencies appear superficial and inept. Perhaps the better lawyers do avoid the low paying public sector service jobs. Of course this is a generalization without any accuracy in individual situations. Nonetheless!

After turning Gonzalez's life inside out, it was finally determined Zenaida was telling the truth. In short, she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. But the imputation that she had killed the innocent child was condemning. Sadly for her, she was drubbed through the mud, like a Joe Swanson* like rugby player. But then again, who has the "legs" to stand up to a public inquisition?

Needless to say, she has filed a civil lawsuit against the purportedly defaming Anthony. Morgan & Morgan*, Representing the People, Not the Powerful, a personal injury firm of legal beagles, is representing Zenaida. (interestingly, the sharks want donations, duh?) Morgan has been on Anthony like a hound with the scent of blood in its snoot. The firm has served her with a notification of the civil litigation, while she was holed up in jail awaiting her murder trial. Now, Casey has been ordered to appear on July 19 for a deposition in the Zenaida case.

But with a murder conviction having been almost assured, ZG's chances of getting any money from a woman, who was destined for a lethal injection were none. There's was no cash in this case (perhaps that's why Morgan was looking for donations.) But then on July 5, 2011...

Casey Anthony was acquitted on all charges except for lying to law enforcement officers. Four weak nothings! Anthony will be released from prison tomorrow. After all, she has already served three years time while waiting for her trial to start. The judge will have to let her loose. Bella Vita!!!

Already with $$ offers abounding, Anthony should become a rich woman in short order. And that's before the porn films and the Hustler spread (the smart bet is that Playboy will take a pass at a shot of Casey's titties and what must be a thick, thatch of black). Her book deal will be worth $5 M base with incentives. And the movie rights...** America is the land of opportunity. As to whom will get the first interview, the bidding is open. Ms. Anthony, do you need an agent? Try Beechwood 4-5789...**** (music)!

Added July 8, 2011, from Twitter, Casey Anthony offered $1 million for 'Jerry Springer' appearance: report - , but Springer denies it, we'll see...

Well, Casey Anthony has become a yellow bulls eye for the quiver heavy Zenaida Gonzalez, (how many lawyers are in that quiver anyways?). The orange tressed six-time Mama will ultimately thank her lucky stars that Anthony coughed up her name and disclosed her correct address at the Sawgrass Apartments.

The litigation issue for Casey is difficult. How can she possibly defend herself? Lies, fibs and prevarications are hard things to twist 180 degrees around. Moreover, if Casey testifies, she will have to get back into the whole Caylee missing and then dead matter. To quote the cartilage spined John Morgan,
Morgan sees little choice for Anthony as well because he said if she doesn't answer that helps to prove his case.“She has two choices – answer or take the fifth,”
 Hoobeda-Haabeda to Casey Anthony on this one.

In all liklihood, Zenaida will take a $1M boost and she will walk away. Why not? ADDED July 17, 2011, SURPRISE Gonzalez will settle for $15K!!!  In reality, her actual damages from the defamation will be substantially lower than this. It is possible, if the case goes to trial, that a vindictive jury could go punitive and award the sky. This is a fact that both Anthony and her lawyers will mull. Remember OJ, his civil jury gutted him. And it's impossible not to parallel Casey and OJ...

Ultimately, Gonzalez will become a lotto winner. Morgan, too. Think all of the donations will be returned to the schleps who chipped in? Sweet Hey-Zeus! Gonna see that inked on Gonzalez's left shoulder. Yup. In red?

Sweet Hey-Zeus

Er, no, in orange? It'll match her hair :)

Sweet Hey-Zeus

E cosi va...

Joe Swanson is a fictional paralyzed cop on Family Guy.

** Morgan Files Defamation Suit on Behalf of Zenaida Gonzalez

Attorney John Morgan is representing Zenaida Gonzalez in a defamation lawsuit in order to clear her name from false allegations that she is responsible for the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. When 3-year-old Caylee went missing in June, her mother Casey Anthony falsely named Gonzalez as Caylee's babysitter and stated that Caylee was in her custody at the time of her disappearance. According to Gonzalez, she has never met Caylee or Casey Anthony, but now people all over the country are accusing her of kidnapping Caylee.
Since the false allegations that she was responsible for Caylee's disappearance surfaced, Gonzalez has had to live in hiding and her life has been turned upside down. She has suffered emotionally and physically due to the threatening phone calls made to her house in the middle of the night and the stress of this devastating situation. She also claims that she was fired from her job as a result of all of the negative media attention given to her name. Gonzalez has no criminal record and is a mother of six. The suit seeks to clear Ms. Gonzales' name and rectify the damage done to her by the devastating, false accusations of Casey Anthony.

Contribute to the Zenaida Gonzalez Fund:

***Natalie Portman is looking over the script now. She would be comely Casey Anthony!

****Great old tune from 1962...

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