Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wendi Deng, One and Only

As time goes on blogging has become more interesting. Perhaps the major advantage is having to step out of one's own zip code of limited perception. Learning new stuff, no matter how seemingly trivial, is exciting. Forcing oneself to step beyond the acquisition of that knowledge to forming an idea or an opinion is another matter altogether.

Some weeks back Anne Sinclair* captured the limelight. A devoted, unwavering wife cuts in a way that's hard to fully describe. Mother Bear, Holder of Life Eternal, Female Strength are notions that come to mind. Seeing a woman defend her man can tickle a person pink. PINK!

So on a day, news nuts with the Murdochs**, Rupert and James, who would have ever thought one of those uber femme moments would occur? In truth, watching the Parliament members roast the Murdochs was rashy and itchy. Rashy and itchy, like watching American blokes and blokettes in Congress hot lighting other hapless victims. Tony Haywood, the forced out BP CEO comes to mind.

As befitting uncool, the lady in pink sitting between the father and son testifiers was more captivating than the action at hand. Hmmm, hold on! An aside... a group named the Parliaments sang, I Wanna Testify. Recorded in 1967, it became a hit. Listen!

Oops, back to the pink lady. Not knowing who she was (seems really stupid now), a Tweet went out to Kayla Tauche. Working for CNBC, Kayla was kind enough to Tweet back...

that's the one and only Wendi Deng - Rupert's wife

Kayla was in London and reporting back live. It seemed like she would know and she didn't disappoint.

Wendi Deng is the pink lady's name. She is special. Check out her Wiki information and be amazed, amused and impressed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendi_Deng Some highlights...

  • Born in China 1968
  • Married Rupert Murdoch 1997
  • Wendi is 39 years younger than Rupert
  • They have 2 children, ages 6 and 10
  • Wendi has a graduate degree in business from Yale
  • Wendi Deng Murdoch

With the hearing coming to a close, a pie thrower came out of nowhere. Security notwithstanding, the miscreant flung foam in the direction of the octogenarian billionaire. Son James was startled and he moved towards Rupert. But way more impressive was the quick reflexed Wendi. Up in a flash, she threw a right overhand at the perpetrator. Wow! Check it out.

Notice how the others in attendance moved like snakes in 40 degree weather. The crowd was mostly older men. No wonder. But Wendi was magnificent. For those of us who didn't know her beforehand, what an introduction. For those who already knew her, her stock has risen.

Here's to you Wendi Deng. Here's to you...

E cosi va

*Anne Sinclair is the wonderful wife, who came to the defense of her wrongly accused husband, Dominque Strauss- Kahn. She is impressive. http://www.pplume-blog.com/2011/05/anne-sinclair-best.html

**The Murdochs are balls deep in a commotion having to do with phone hacking and electronic message interceptions. Contrite and ready to make amends. Indeed! Read more..

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