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Tyler Baltierra - Twit Pick

Things change so fast that a modern person needs a smart phone to keep score. Relying on old paradigms is silly, but there must be somebody out there who still uses a dial-up phone. Perhaps the MOST remarkable game changer is social media. Communication is now instantaneous, contemporaneous and spontaneous. A-N-E-O-U-S, sounds like a Greek word meaning butt hole, please excuse the digression.

Among the social media venues, the most compelling in terms of information exchange is Twitter. Perhaps the limitation to 140 characters forces concise, on point thinking. Not much fluff, mostly meat might be the best way to capture the essence of a Tweet. In a way tweeting is like texting, short and on the money. Not chatty, not intimate and not sweaty are all characteristics of new communication. Well, sexting is sweaty, but that's another matter...

Some get their news from Twitter. What? Some folks get their news from Twitter. Anathema! But hold on, check out Twitter and lo and behold virtually all established news sources (yes the NYT too) are tweet freaks. Be reminded that the Twit news is instantaneous. For examples, just look over the Twitter responses during the recent USA-Japan Womens World Cup soccer game. Blow by blow... Final score, bam, to the second it happened. Wanna wait for the six o'clock news or the daily rag on the stoop in the morning?

In truth, traditional newspapers are dead in the water. No, not the reporting, not the investigation, not the conscience. Indeed not. Society needs the essence of what a newspaper does, just not the paper itself. Much like a bricks and mortar store is effete in a virtual world so is newsprint. Ice boxes, gas lights, carburetors and bias ply tires have all suffered similar demises. BUT their replacements; smart refrigerators, electric lights, fuel injection and green radial tires are all markedly BETTER! 

But there's more. People can speak out and be heard like no time in history. Tweeting how you feel sure beats an Op-Ed entry... Cyberspace has huge ears and a memory too. Twit happy fingers need to be careful. But humans like to talk, er tweet, to express themselves and to be heard. There is sooo much free information available (some of it whack, though) that DIY has taken on a new meaning.

Well, that's nice. But the essence of this blog is Tyler Baltierra. First appearing on Sixteen and Pregnant, Tyler made an impact as a sensitive, attractive and sensible young man. Here's a synopsis of that show, #106, which aired on MTV, July 16, 2009.
Catelynn Lowell is a junior in high school, living in Algonac, Michigan. She and her boyfriend of three years, Tyler Baltierra, discover she is pregnant. Neither of them feel that their living conditions are suitable for a new child, so they decide to look into adoption, going against their parents' wishes. They settle on a couple, Brandon and Teresa, and bond with them quickly. In May 2009, Lowell gives birth to a baby girl, who is named Carolyn Elizabeth (Carly for short) by her adoptive parents. Although not initially wanting to meet the baby, Baltierra and Lowell decide that they would like to see Carly before her adoptive parents do. After meeting their daughter, Brandon and Teresa promise to keep in touch with Baltierra and Lowell throughout the years of Carly's life. When it is time to sign the adoption papers, Lowell's mother refuses, forcing the official handover to take place off hospital grounds. Baltierra and Lowell say that the adoption was the hardest thing they had ever had to do, but the result has brought them closer together, and they know they made the right decision for Carly.

Teen Mom is a spin off of Sixteen. Four of the original "stars" of Sixteen are followed as they get older and they deal with the realities of their decisions. Of the four (Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Farah Abraham and Amber Portwood) three have kept their babies. Catelynn and Tyler opted for adoption. Here's a description of Catelynn's and Tyler's ongoing saga...

Catelynn is the birth-mother of Carolynn "Carly" Elizabeth. Described as a smart and funny high school senior, she struggles to adjust back to her normal life after her emotional decision to place Carly for adoption. The adoptive parents are Brandon and Theresa.[4] Catelynn moves back home with her parents, but learns that her stepfather, who is also the father of her boyfriend Tyler, is not over her decision to place her daughter for adoption. During the season, Catelynn comes to terms with being a birth mother, moves in with Tyler and his mother when her mother and her stepfather move into an apartment in another city, and gets engaged to Tyler. She and Tyler both get tattoos in honor of their daughter. 
101. Catelynn Lowell moves back home
102. Catelynn misses her dad, who passed away this recent year.
103. Catelynn's family gets in a disagreement over her choice of adoption.
104. Catelynn's mother moves away, leaving her with a difficult decision.
105. Catelynn attends a weekend retreat with other birth moms to learn how to cope with her decision of adoption. 
106. Catelynn worries that her boyfriend's dad might go to jail.
107. Catelynn and her boyfriend Tyler start planning for their future. 
108. Catelynn and Tyler receive news about Carly, and Tyler proposes to Catelynn. 
201. Catelynn is upset to find out she has to move out of boyfriend Tyler's house and back in with her unpredictable family, an hour away from their high school. 
202. Catelynn gets caught in a lie about an ex in Florida with whom she has kept contact with, which causes Tyler to question their engagement. 
203. Tyler struggles with guilt about the adoption when he tries to go out and have fun like a normal teenager, 
204. Catelynn and Tyler's relationship is on the rocks, so they consult couples therapy.
205. Tyler decides not to investigate Catelynn's phone records, because he wants to start trusting her again
206. Tyler's dad Butch has to go back to rehab, and Catelynn and her mom get into a fight. 
207. Catelynn and Tyler get a nice surprise at prom when they win king and queen.
208. Catelynn and Tyler celebrate their daughter's first birthday.
209. Catelynn and Tyler learn Butch has ended up back in jail.
210. Catelynn and Tyler find out they will not graduate from High School on time,
211. Catelynn and Tyler find out that they will be going to West Virginia to see Carly
212. Catelynn and Tyler go to West Virginia to meet with Brandon, Teresa, and Carly one year after giving her up for adoption. 
301. Catelynn and Tyler consider moving in together while still in high school,
302. Tyler's family questions his decision to move in with Catelynn.
303. Tyler's father gets out of jail. 
Now during their adventures, Catelynn and Tyler endear themselves to the audience. There is no magic or trickery. Their inherent goodness wins the day. Nice people don't always finish last. Tyler, himself, though has become a sweetie. So successful is he, that two recent Tweets (from July 20, 2011) force the conclusion that Mr. Baltierra may have a financial future just being himself.

 Addison Timlin 

Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart
How the music can free her, whenever it starts
And it's magic, if the music is groovy
It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie
I'll tell you about the magic, and it'll free your soul
But it's like trying to tell a stranger 'bout rock and roll

So based on these two Tweets (admittedly a small sample size, but how wet does a person need to get before realizing it's raining), Tyler Baltierra is a Twit Pick for success. All he needs is to be properly marketed and the sky is the limit for him. He has a future...
  • modeling
  • advising
  • love columnist
  • clothing line
  • acting (soaps)
  • hat designer
  • being himself
  • more
  • can he sing?

Tweedos know all. Twitter has its finger on the pulse beat of the world. Social media RULES. Indeed!

E cosi va

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