Sunday, July 10, 2011

Posh Spice Does It Again

Foto classica

Back when she was Posh Spice, she was hot. Then she became Ms. Victoria Beckham and she was still hot. Now, today, she has delivered her 4th child, a girl this time. And she is still hot. Some girls have all the luck. David posted a Facebook snap of his gravid wife a few days ago. It will become a foto classica...

Well, just for fun, here's a small collection of striking Posh and Victoria images to celebrate her sensuality and her extended motherhood.

So there ya go... Some superficial and meaningless conclusions...
  • Ms. Beckham likes to wear black
  • She is exquisitely skinny
  • Her augments have changed
  • Her nipples have gotten bigger
  • Yes, nice as a blonde, but more striking as a brunette
Well maybe this time, Victoria will keep her baby weight on and begin to look a bit bedraggled and rounded. If not, say cinque. With a look like hers and a body like hers, well, well, well...

E cosi va...

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