Monday, July 18, 2011

Lotaburger by Blake and Bryce

In a never ending quest to find "the" burger, the adventure goes to New Mexico. New Mexico, yuppers. And not just any burger, it's the New Mexico green chile cheeseburger. These are served up at Blake's Lotaburger*.

This baby comes with accolades...

... after acclimating my tastebuds to green chiles (being from Michigan), I grew to love the classic Lotaburger w/ green chili & cheese

Blake's is a legend. I'd give just about anything right now for a green chile cheeseburger and a vanilla Diet Coke, along with a side of fries. Blake's is definitely at the top of my list of things I miss about New Mexico!

It has been 18 years since I lived in Albuquerque, and I miss many things about it but the green chili cheeseburgers have to be at or near the top of the list! IF you are traveling on Interstate 40 through NM you MUST stop and have one of these...

The best way to have a Lotaburger is to order it this way.
Lotaburger with double meat, double cheese, green chile, french fries, coke
They are made fresh when you order, not before. Best hamburger I've ever tasted in the USA.
Ask any (non-vegan) New Mexican expatriate what he/she misses most about the state and somewhere in the list, you'll undoubtedly find a Blakes Green Chile Cheeseburger.

It's those green peppers. Those mithios zing up the flavor and don't forget the mustard, thick and perfect. But, without actually digging into one, can a person be sure?  Well, no indeed! Consequently, the Mitsubishi is gassed up and ready... And this saga plays out in Lumberton, New Jersey. (It's an armpit of a place with a too low town center ready to bathe whenever the Rancocas Creek spills over.)
"Hey Honey, I'm a little hungry. Wanna go out for a burger, a New Mexico green chile cheeseburger." (She always says no.) 
"A burger? A chili (sic) burger? Are you kidding, it's 8:22 (pm). How can you eat that grease? You are nuts!" Pause... "Dr. Pulsiphur said you shouldn't eat after 8 and that your lipids are out of control, blah, blah, blah..." Marriage is like Scotts Halts. The couple are the crabgrass.
"Oh, I have a cast iron stomach. Besides, since I've been on the pravastatin my cholesterol is only 245. (that value still sucks but what she doesn't know, ha-ha!) Do you mind if I go out to this new burger place (failing to mention the name Lotaburger, a  white omitted lie)?
"Oh Bryce, sometimes I think you are from another planet. Didn't you have dinner two hours ago? Where does that food go? Sometimes you're like a twelve year old." 
"Madge, I'm hungry and I am going to a new place called Lotaburger." (now he is being more honest, but now he fails to mention that he is going to the LotaburgerStore #1 at 1300 SAN MATEO BLVD SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108) 
"Oh whatever, but no snacks for you tonight. I can't stand your breath after you eat burgers... Don't get onions! Onions or not, no snacks. Sometimes I hate you. You can be a real sweatbox!"
courtesy of Addijay
Bryce headed for the ricer, a name for a Japanese car. He had a special model called the Evolution, which most people know nothing about. For most, Brembo brakes, all wheel drive, a Momo wheel and Recaro seats could be items on a Chinese menu. It can go fast, real fast, over 150 mph. He set his navigation for Albuquerque. NM... From 08048, hmmm...

  1. 1,954 mi, 1 day 8 hours
    I-70 W and I-40 W

Not bad, Bryce knows he's a great long distance driver. Especially when he is coffee fueled. With the turbocharged Evo, the laser interceptor (blocks laser used to catch speeders) and the Valentine One (radar detector), he figures he will make it in 25 hours or even less with no tickets to boot. Road Trip!!!

Won't Madge be surprised? Won't Madge be pissed? When will he tell her? Will he ever tell her? Will Bryce ever get Madge's snacks again? Will Bryce come back? Will Bryce meet Addijay?!/Addijay Stay tuned... Maybe there's more :)

E cosi va


More than fifty years ago Blake Chanslor opened his first hamburger stand in Albuquerque. From the start, Blake was committed to using only high quality products for all his made to order menu items.Sometimes known as Lota Burger, Lotta Burger, or just simply Blake's, the Lotaburger made its public debut on July 9, 1952.

Customers enjoyed a Lotaburger, chips and a canned soda. An immediate success, Lotaburger fans were rewarded for their dedication with the addition of two more locations in 1953.Today, Blake's Lotaburger can be found in 76 locations throughout New Mexico. According to our customers, they eat at Blake's Lotaburger for our consistent quality and great tasting hamburgers.

Just like in 1952, Lotaburger remains committed to serving you only the highest quality products-which is why all our hamburgers are made with 100% USDA Certified Angus Beef, the freshest produce and buns.Always cooked to order. At Blake's Lotaburger the cooking process never begins until the order is placed.

Blake’s special pack green chilies are only made only with New Mexican grown green chilies from the Hatch growing region. According to the BBC World News “The Worlds Best Green Chile” is grown in the Hatch growing area.

Blake's currently has retail outlets in New Mexico. But one will open soon in Lumberton, NJ.

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