Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kacey Jordan Retired

Well, it has been some time now since Kacey Jordan retired. Not only has she dropped off the radar screen, she no longer tweets. Too bad with that, she was a great photo-popping tweeter. Not all is lost, though. She continues her tweet relations under the name of misscnicole,!/search/misscnicole And she still sends out some images. Just look here-in-below.

But she has had an up and down ride over the last several weeks. A less than complete adventure to Hawaii followed by some fast living in LA and another hospital visit for alcohol overuse have crept into her usual brio. Using her original name, Courtney Roskop, she continues her day-to-day roller coaster ride. Courtney is still hot. She has lost nothing in retirement. Isn't she too young to retire? Here are those images...

From her recent stop at Sherman Oaks Hospital

Missing her Mom (wow, her Mom is beautiful, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!)

Courtney Roskop is cool, no matter what her demons are up to...

E cosi va...

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