Saturday, July 30, 2011

He Don't Like Big Ones


"Tell me why, tell me why I don't like Big Ones?" said He to Her.

She to Him, "I can see no reasons..."

And He, "It's the silicone chip inside my head, programmed ya know.."

She, "The machine, your machine is so clean, so... tell me why?"

Him, "I think I'm switched to small. Small is my badge, my zoom-zoom. Small is me..."

And She, "Don't they rock you, big and juicy as they are? Like two mountain peaks capped with pink snow and a geodesic dome. You don't need reasons. It's primal."

"I suppose they're like a playground with a big bouncy-bouncy. The kind of gigantic, soft and air filled thing kids tramp on. But I am afraid I would die if I put my head in and nuzzled." lamented Him. Adding, "And choke and die!"

"Die... of pleasure, he-he! Die with a mouthful of mammae." smiling She. Sometimes making a joke of a fear works and sometimes not. Not!

"No, No. Tell me why. I need to know. Am I weird? Guys would kill for Big Ones. The bigger the better. No limit." He...

"Well, there are no reasons you have to die, well, er... you wouldn't smother or choke" now with Her brow furrowed and Her mien apologetic. His sensitivities were evident. 

"Maybe, ah, maybe it's because..." He stopped mid sentence.

And She picked up His brain's cadence, "Because you don't like Mondays."

"What reasons do I need to die?" Boom-Boom-Boom, His head echoed.... What...

What He had forgotten was that His first girl happened - on a Monday. Indeed, Nidia had mega-breasts, with stretched areolae. Oh, how He shriveled when she laughed at His Smallness. How her flesh heaved to and fro as her laugh came up from her bowels.

Over time, He came to hate Mondays and to abhor big hooters. Linked in his left brain, Monday and lo-zingyos, a pair of desperadoes. They made him sweat, drip, drip, drip, as if he were being held at tit-point.

She, holding His hand, "Well shoot the whole idea down, down, down. Just dust it down." She tried to comfort Him without knowing about His mental branding of 10 years ago. 

Holding Her hand, He looks to Her with eyes running over with tears, "I don't like Mondays. I like You. You. You. Yuuuuuuu.... the Way You are."

She, "Oh, but I am so small."
Heart a-beat, he thinks, "So am I...So am I!" 

But He loves her so...
Because She is so peachy-keen,
Because She is so sweet, so kind,
Because She makes Him feel so Big...
Because She gives Him reason to live, So, So,
So there!

E cosi va...

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Hating Mondays... Play the video and re-read the blog as the tune plays, please try it...

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