Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fancy Dancy Barbara Lynn

Left handed guitar players have the same swagger and panache as left handed pitchers or left shooting ice hockey players. Left is cool, non traditional and iconoclastic. So it is and here's something for a Saturday night. Especially if...

Barbara Lynn is a rhythm and blues guitar singer. Born in 1942, she plays so smoothly that you can feel the silk between your fingers. Her classic hit, You'll Lose a Good Thing, will resonate with just a single listen. But, the visual, the visual of her playing and singing, well, it doesn't get much better. Her left hand moves with the grace of God.

True, You'll Lose a Good Thing was recorded in 1962, making it an Oldie now. Nonetheless, great music transcends time. And so, watching Barbara Lynn handle that ax and sing that song makes a person have another Jack... and another... Lyrics, who listens to the words anyway?

Some mistakes can be corrected with an eraser. Yet some, inked and tattoed, can't. Circumspection is a biatch. It is certainly best avoided, but sometimes the tentacles of the past play fancy dancy. Alright, then, here's one for you, Barbara Lynn.

E cosi va

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