Sunday, July 24, 2011

Copa America Soccer Title

Uruguay defeats Paraguay to capture Copa America for 15th time

Today, the Copa America soccer title will be decided in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Monumental Stadium will host this anticipated match-up. Here in the USA, soccer is exploding as a spectator sport (women's soccer has gone bonkers) and consequently, the game has a definite new-found audience here.


The opponents are Uruguay and Paraguay. These are two countries many Americans would not be able to identify-pin on a world map. Geography is always problematic. Nonetheless, these proud South American countries will bring their hearts and souls to this game. Always, it's a matter of national pride.

Paraguay has a scrappy team as evidenced by its work ethic in last year's World Cup competition. Uruguay is favored, but the odds will go out the window once the action starts. And then there is the SECRET WEAPON!!! Remember Larissa Riquelme?

Larissa Riquelme acquired international fame after disrobing as a way of celebrating Paraguay's victory in one of its matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, even though Paraguay lost another match to Spain. Ms. Riquelme has pledged to strip again if Paraguay wins the 2011 Copa America

Response by David Taylor...I first wrote about Larissa Riquelme when she made her first promise of posing nude during the World Cup. She instantly became my favorite soccer fan and I began to pay attention to the Paraguay soccer team.

Since then I have featured Larissa in a few more posts on my blog. I have over 400 total posts on Odd News Today, but the ones featuring Larissa consistently rank as my most popular posts. I think she has single-handedly created more Paraguay fans than anyone else. Lets face it, SEX SELLS, and she is one sexy lady.

Regardless of the outcome, it will be a true spectator event. Whenever human effort is given balls out, it can only be respected. Take the bet, Larissa will strip whatever the outcome. She is a #1 fan for Paraguay...

E cosi va
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Uruguay won the Copa America for a record 15th time after beating Paraguay 3-0....

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