Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony is Free and Almost Rich

Casey Anthony is free. Released at 12:10 EDT, she was accompanied by her lawyer, Jose Baez. Leaving the Orange County (FL) jail she wore a bright pink top. Pink it was. Polo?

Anthony has become famous (infamous) as a result of her acquittal almost two weeks ago. She had been accused of killing her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. In a poorly constructed prosecutorial capital murder effort, the state failed to meet the legal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. The circumstantial case fell on its face and Ms. Anthony was found not guilty. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that merely painting an accused as a "bad person", an "unlikeable" or a "party animal" is insufficient to carry the day. Nonetheless, most people think Anthony has gotten away with something. Murder!?

Overall, there is a great deal of angst and rancor over this decision. Casey has been subject to death threats and some experts think she needs a safe house and bodyguards for her continued safety now that she is no longer protected behind bars. Somehow that sounds askew, but this is gun-toting America.

This young woman faces two more lawsuits, both civil.
  1. Zoraida Gonzalez, the babysitter, who Anthony claimed saw Caylee Anthony last alive, wants $15K. As it turns out, ZG never even met the Anthonys. $15K is chump change.
  2. EquuSearch, a Texas missing person search group, wants $100K. This represents the costs of searching for the already dead child. 

Although destitute now, Casey will undoubtedly cash in on her notoriety. She has already been offered a million dollars for an interview. Her book and movie deals have not even been parsed out as of yet. In is interesting how the American system of propriety will ultimately reward a person as seemingly despised as CA. America is a strange place sometimes.

As far as the criminal murder charge, it is DONE. Double Jeopardy is a procedural defense, which prohibits a person from being tried for the same crime twice. Besides being a constitutional protection in the USA, both Mexico and India have like provisions. Other countries vary in their statutory safeguards for DJ, but Casey can never be tried for that offense again.

And so Casey Anthony will for the moment fall off the radar screen. But not for long. Fifteen minutes is fleetingly short. Perhaps, she will take the high road and get some help. Whether she will be amenable to a high road approach will remain to be seen.

Doubtless, she will cash in. But, who could blame her. Maybe, financial gain is a form of deserved comeuppance? Undoubtedly there is more to this sad tale. It is unknown, however, whether more factual detail will ever come out. Time, though, tends to be a purgative of great effectiveness...

A few gratuitous tips are offered. Casey please consider...

  • Do not pose nude or in states of undress for less than $1 million. Choose an upscale rag. UPDATE July 29, 2011... Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine fame has offered Anthony $500,000 for a nude photo spread.
  • Do not take up wrestling or boxing, unless you are paid $1 million up front. Save this gambit for later on, when your fame fades (and that's only if you haven't already made enough money).
  • Do not "tabloid" yourself for less than $10 million. Remember after the first scabby interview, the second is relatively without value.
  • Do not do willy-nilly interviews, a soft, legitimate TV one could work (where is Larry King?), but for not less that one million dollars. 
  • Do not go on Jerry Springer or similar sensational shows for less than multiple millions of dollars.
  • Express yourself in a decent book, get a respected writer to help you. The book contract is worth at lease five million dollars.
  • Express yourself in a fair, quality movie. Start negotiations at $10 million.
  • Natalie Portman* should play you, pay her union scale. Plus a piece...

These tips notwithstanding, party on will likely rule. At least, looking at a few of these images would suggest Casey likes to have a good time. After all, she is young and single and free. And as they say in the old country, you only live once...

Even though the Casey Anthony case is disquieting and dissatisfying, it represents a triumph of the American legal system. Consider that Anthony was charged with capital murder, punishable by death. Such an accusation must be supported by sufficient evidence, evidence not presented in her trial. In retrospect, the state should have brought lesser charges. Imprisonment on these charges would have been meted out. A home run swing looks silly when the batter misses the ball.

E cosi va...

Portman has proved time and time again that she can handle any role that's thrown at her, and it wouldn't be surprising if filmmakers decided to try and snag an Oscar-winner like her to play the part of Casey. While the "Black Swan" star has proved she plays crazy rather well, she really hasn't a portrayed a character that audiences would outright hate like Casey, so it would definitely be interesting to see her take on such a role. She has at least played a character that has spent time in prison -- in "Goya's Ghosts" her character is imprisoned for heresy. She also loses her daughter while imprisoned, but unlike Casey, she makes an attempt to find the missing child.

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